Princess Half Marathon 2013

Friday I was up at 5 AM. After packing the last of my things in the car, I left milk and juice cups for the kids and kissed DH goodbye. I got to the airport about 6:30. I was able to get a bagel and a large bottle of water and eat it at the gate. After boarding, I easily found space for my rolling bag (thank you credit card that gives my early boarding) and took my seat. My friend, Jen, showed up a few minutes later. She was running late so she didn’t get breakfast. We were on an A321 and the seats were wider. It was very comfy. The guy sitting between us was nice. The flight was a little bumpy but not enough to have me scared. It was enough to cancel beverage service. We arrived a few minutes early into Orlando. Once the person operating the jet way finally arrived, we deplaned. As soon as I stepped off the plane, I knew we were in FL. It was muggy and hot. We landed at about 9:30 AM.  After getting to the main area, we stopped at Seattle’s Best so Jen could get coffee and something to eat. We proceeded down to the Magical Express area. Since we didn’t have vouchers, we waited in line. WP_20130222_005Once the person got my friend’s name and our return flight, she printed us vouchers for the bus. Luckily, our bus was boarding and we went straight through the line and onto the bus. There is no room for bags except on your lap. So, our rolling bags were stowed under the bus. We waited a few more minutes for some people and then were on our way.

The ride was actually quite nice. Port Orleans Riverside was the first stop. We got out and retrieved our bags. We proceeded to the registration desk where the lady told us we had a handicap accessible room. I tried to tell her it wasn’t necessary, but that didn’t matter. Our room wasn’t ready yet which didn’t surprise me. It was just after 11 which is check out time. After getting my friend’s name in the system, she was able to link each of our resort cards to our separate credit cards. That is a nice feature. She also set up pins so we could use the new tap to pay ability. I love to concept although mine didn’t work half the time. She finally took my cell phone number and told us she would let us know when our room was ready. We went to the luggage storage area and dropped off our bags. We then went to catch the bus to the Expo. The written material said all the event buses would stop at all the Riverside bus stops. However, there was a sign right outside the lobby in a special place for the bus. It turns out this was the only stop for the buses. I appreciate the sign, but the material did cause some confusion. After waiting about 10 minutes, the bus showed up and we were off.

Arriving at the Expo was exciting. Since this is my first HM, it was also my first running Expo. I wasn’t really sure what to expect. Walking inside we saw a very long line extending from the left side all the way to the right and then back to the back wall. We proceeded to bib pick up since there was no line. That was very quick. We found out the long line was for the shirt pick up. I went to the Commemorative Items line to get my preordered necklace. Then we decided to stop some and see if the line went down. We walked through the whole Expo. About 15 minutes after we started shopping, I got a text message that our room was ready. Jen bought a couple shirts and I got a SparkleTech skirt for my upcoming Shamrock 4 miler. We also liked the commemorative frames. After talking we decided to take pictures of our favorite ones and get our husband’s opinion. I couldn’t find a good tiara, so I decided to get one later. Once we went all the way through the booth, we noticed the line for shirts was only a dozen people. We couldn’t believe it, so we hopped in line quickly. It only took a few minutes and we had our shirts and bags. We stared to get in the long line for the Official Merchandise and then changed our minds. We hadn’t had lunch yet and knew we could come back on Saturday. We decided to go and check into our room and relax. My legs were already sore and I could use a break. I should mention we left weather in the 30s and rainy so we both had on long sleeves and pants. Waiting or our bus to the resort, we were both sweaty. After several other buses came through and none to our resort, they finally commandeered one and put us on it. We thanked them and the driver profusely since we just wanted to change clothes.

We got off at the first stop in Port Orleans and Jen went to get the bags while I made sure we didn’t need anything else. I walked into the lobby and knew we were in the wrong place. We have gotten off at French Quarter instead of Riverside… oops! I got Jen and we proceeded to walk around the river to our lobby. I was told as long as I was texted a room number, our cards should work. I was also told that our late checkout request was in the system but not approved. So, I found Jen with our bags and we proceeded to 1715. The resort has a laid back atmosphere which I love. One finding our room, my card did not work. Luckily Jen’s did. She decided to shower before changing while I just changed. I unpacked my race outfit so it could get de-wrinkled and then we both lounged on the beds and caught up on email. My parents called to meet us and drop of ticket to the parks. We meet them in the lobby and then I went up to the desk again since my card didn’t work. They printed me up a new one. That one did work. We had previously decided to go spend some time shopping and grabbing something to eat at Downtown Disney. My parents offered to drop us off, so we took them up on it. Traffic around DD was CRAZY! It stayed that way pretty much all weekend.

They dropped us off right in the middle. We decided to grab some Ghirardelli to tide us over instead of trying to eat lunch at 3. WP_20130222_017I love Ghirardelli hot fudge sundaes. I’m so glad we don’t have them close. We then thought about checking for dinner since a FL friend who was running the 5k the next day said she’d love to meet us. We decided on Portofino’s. They told us the reservations were all gone, but if we could show up before 6, they could probably get our party of 6 in. So, we told my FL friend to meet us at 5:45. That gave us about 45 minutes to shop. We went to the World of Disney. Jen, having come to Disney every year with 2 daughters, knew exactly where to go to find my tiara. I bought it and then we wandered around wasting time. WP_20130222_021We headed over to Portofino’s and met my FL friend. They almost immediately seated us. The waiter was great since we were so busy catching up that it took a while before we were ready to order. We hadn’t seen each other in person in over a year. In the end, Jen and I split a fried risotto covered mozzarella and I had ravioli. Both were delicious. The ravioli were quite large and took up almost the entire plate. Luckily, the dinner portion was 2. I also had a salad with vinaigrette dressing. I was unable to finish all the ravioli.

We said goodbye a little while later since we were meeting a third friend, Lisa, who was sharing our room. She had flown in on a later flight and then went to visit family before coming to Disney. Jen and I headed to the boat to Port Orleans. The boat ride was nice and relaxing. There wasn’t much to see in the dark. We passed several DVC buildings before finally getting to Port Orleans. French Quarter was the first stop and we made sure to stay on board. While parked at the dock, we could see fireworks in the distance. Finally we left and went around to the Riverside. We debarked and walked to our room. Lisa got lost trying to find the resort. I finally got her on the right path and walked up to the lobby to meet her. We finally found each other in the lobby parking lot while talking on the cell. I got in her car and directed her to the lot by our building. There was a spot right in the front. We parked and I helped her carry in her things since she did stop at a grocery store and pick up some provisions. Once in the room, Lisa decided to shower before bed. At this point, we were all exhausted. All three of us have 2 kids and were happy to have a night to ourselves. We changed and went to bed.

I woke at about 6:30 AM. I laid in bed resting until 7:30. At that point, I got up and checked my email. At about 8, I finally decided to shower and get dressed. I’m pretty good and getting ready quietly and in the dark since I do it every morning. I didn’t want to wake the other 2, so I sneaked out the door with my phone and card and wandered around the resort. I love wandering early in the morning. Not many people are up and about so it’s quite peaceful. WP_20130223_018I took lots of pictures and eventually found a hammock. I decided to lay down and relax for a while. I must say, that is very relaxing being swung by the breeze. I finally decided to get up and head back to the room. I was almost there when Lisa sent me a text that she was up. Once I got back, Jen was up, too. We all got ready and decided to go to the Expo thinking it would be less crowded with the 5k and kids races being on Saturday. We stopped in the Riverside cafeteria. I got a chocolate muffin and skim milk. I also picked up a PowerAde for later.  The muffin was delicious. We went out and the Expo bus was there. We were able to get right on.

As we pulled up to the Expo, we noticed a line of people on the sidewalk. It turns out it was the line to get into the Expo. We didn’t have one of those yesterday. That’s when we knew it was going to be just as bad. Lisa had not been to the Expo yet so she went to get her bib and Jen and I headed to the Official Merchandise line. WP_20130223_036It was longer than the day before when we decided not to wait. At this point, I was waiting to make a shirt purchase until I saw the merchandise so we waited. Luckily, we had a very nice person behind us that had run the 5k that morning. We proceeded to talk to her the whole way. It made the wait much easier. It was amazing how many people tried to cut into the line or walk right into the area. I guess I’m just too much of a rule follower to understand that mentality. We finally made it into the area and were a little disappointed. We really wanted the sticker/magnets we had seen that were Mickey Ears with 13.1 inside and a tiara on them. Apparently, those are only online from different places. I did pick up a My Mom Ran shirt for my daughter. The design was a little girly, so I decided to get something from the parks for my son. I also picked up a 13.1 magnet just in case I couldn’t find the other one online. Lisa was through with the lines before we were so we met back up. Incidentally, my tap to pay actually worked at the official merchandise check out. Jen wanted compression stuff and we both wanted to order the frames. In the end, I agreed with the one my DH liked. After I ordered that, I wanted to get myself a shirt. I hadn’t really liked anything official, so I went to the booth that had the race you to the castle shirts and got one. Lisa found the pirate princess shirts and got one to wear during the race. Jen got compression pants and then some new running shoes. She ended up getting a tiara with her shoe purchase which she wore during the race. We were all tired at this point and decided to drop everything off at the room. The bus to our resort was waiting at the Expo so we were able to hop right on. We made sure to get off at Riverside this time. We walked back to our room and dropped off everything. We did decide to wear our Princess Half pins and decided to drive to MK.

As we were driving, we realized we were probably on the same path we would be running in the morning. We even spotted the area that would be the villains. We got to TTC and parked. The line for the monorail was long so we took the ferry. The ride was uneventful and we got right into the park. WP_20130223_044We decided to stop at Tony’s for lunch. At this point, it was after 2:30. We walked in and they said they were about to close until 4:30 and were not taking any more walk ins. Just as we were about to leave, a lady with a headset came out and asked if we were running tomorrow. She had seen our pins. WP_20130223_046When we said yes, she told us she would take us right back. We were so happy. It turns out her cousin was running it. We had a very friendly waitress. I got the shrimp scampi with asparagus and sun dried tomatoes. It was delicious. We decided to hold off on dessert. Oh, we did watch the 3 o’clock parade from our table. We could see almost all of it. We left Tony’s and proceeded to the new Fantasyland areas. First stop, the circus. I love the theming and the water area for hot days. We looked in the large shop area. Jen got a Toffee Apple. I decided I would wait and get something for DS in the Pirates area. We then went to Gaston’s Tavern. I was told the specialty drink was very good so we had to try it. WP_20130223_060We ended up with 2 drinks and one very large cinnamon roll. We shared the drinks, roll, and apple here. Luckily, the lady in the circus area had cut the apple up somewhat. It was a great little refreshment/dessert. The drink was a frozen apple juice with toasted marshmallow. The foam was some kind of passion fruit or something. It was not great. The drink itself was really good. The seating area was small so I was lucky to grab a table as someone was leaving. At this point we realized the park was too crowded to really do anything without a long wait. So, we headed around to the Pirates. I ended up showing them the shortcut in Liberty Square that goes to Adventureland. Lisa and I would end up using these bathrooms during the run. We got to Pirates and Lisa and I picked up some things for the kids. Then we decided to call it a day. We headed out to the car, but the monorail wasn’t running and no ferry was close. So, we opted for the resort monorail. The first one came with too many people riding through and we didn’t make it on. Apparently, you can no longer ride in the front with the driver. So, we waited for the next one. Luckily it was waiting as the first pulled out. We rode around to TTC and got off.

We found our car with no problems and decided to stop at the grocery store in the crossroads for some last minute stuff. Forgetting about the traffic the day before, we chose not to go out to I-4 which would have been faster. After sitting in traffic for almost an hour, we finally made it to the store. We picked up some things and got back to the resort. Disney Gift BasketAfter returning to the room, we had a message that we had a floral delivery waiting. Jen said it had to be from my DH, so I went to the front to get it and check on our late checkout. I was told that we did not get late checkout. Then they gave me a really nice basket of crackers, cheese spreads, truffles, and wine with 3 glasses. Disney Gift CardThe note was from my family and said no matter where you finish you are number one with us. It was really touching. A couple other friends from high school met me at the lobby and came back to the room. We snacked and chatted. We finally kicked them out just after 10 PM since we needed to be up at 2:45.

We quickly changed and got into bed. I know my 2 roommates slept, but I just laid there for 4 hours. I know my muscles rested, but I couldn’t shut off my mind. I couldn’t even read to calm it. Finally, the alarms went off. I got up, dressed, and made a half bagel with almond spread. We left the room and made it to the front at 3:30. The line for the bus was already snaking all around the front of the resort. It did move quickly at first. Waiting for the busHowever, soon the buses were not coming as often. We finally boarded a bus at just after 4 AM. It took the bus forever to get to the drop off area. I’m pretty sure it was after 5. The attendants (probably not realizing the issues) told us the race was getting ready to start and we should get a move on. Luckily, we didn’t have any bags to check. We grabbed a quick before shot in front of the window banners. We proceeded to the PoPs. I heard the national anthem. As we made our way to the corrals, we saw the first fireworks and then the ones for Corral A. Luckily we were in G and H. We assured Jen in H that she could make it without getting swept. Then Lisa stayed with me in G. We stretched a little and then took our place. I tried to stay to the right knowing I was going to be taking walk breaks. Slowly all the corrals started. Once E started, we walked up towards the start line. Then it was finally our turn. I loved how the announcers tried to say something about each group starting with the corral letter. We were Gorgeous. And then, they said after the fireworks that we were going, going, gone. I walked until just before the start bump. Then, I proceeded to run. I didn’t start my interval timer yet. I did start my run program on my phone and then switch it back to take pictures. Turns out that disabled my GPS tracking. Oh well. Also my chip didn’t register across the start. Thank goodness Lisa stayed with me. We ran quite a while before I took the first walk break and started my intervals. I remember saying to Lisa that if she wanted to take off and leave me to just go ahead. She kept me to a slower run pace which I think made it easier on me recovery-wise. Right after the start was a high school band. Also, the spectators were cheering us on. I’m not quite sure how far I went before I had to walk. I know we had to resort to passing some people in the grass. The course narrowed slightly before heading onto the road to TTC.

Mile 1 came up so quick I almost didn’t get a picture of it. I tried to take pictures on the run or during walk breaks. I wanted to remember everything. Shortly after the Mile 1 sign, we got to the kites.  I believe it was also in this stretch that we saw the lead runner coming back. We continued our 2:1 ratio and came to the pirate ship. I had my friend Lisa stop just short of the line so I could get a picture of her with the boat. The lines for everything were way too long to wait. We just did run by pictures. Mile 2 came up pretty quickly after that. I remember thinking this was going by really fast at this point. We passed a large princess poster and then 5 male heroes; Aladdin, Flynn Rider, Eric, the guy from Mulan, and I think John Smith. By this time many lead runners are passing on the other side. Soon we saw the Magic Kingdom sign for the parking entrance. I jogged backwards so Lisa could get a picture of me with it.At Magic Kingdom Parking

Aside from the weaving around walkers, I was doing well. Mile 3 came as we were rounding the Richard Petty driving experience. Shortly after was the 5k banner. I think it was in this area that I tweaked my left foot while passing in the grass. As we enter the parking lot, we start to see spectators again. Also, we pass Lightning McQueen. The spectators of this race are awesome. They support everyone and have entertaining signs. In the middle of the parking lot are the villains. I remember seeing the light stands the day before and commenting that something must be there. The villains are Maleficent, Cruella, the Evil Queen from Snow White, the magic mirror, and the step mother and 2 step sisters. We then get to the entrance to the TTC. I remember the volunteer telling us that on the other side was real bathrooms. You ran through a short tunnel and came up at the ticket booths. As you turn short of the monorail area, you pass Mile 4. Shortly after this is a Japanese drum group. I think they might have been my favorite. They had a great beat for running. We commented that we wished they could follow us the whole way on a truck. Japanese DrumsWe eat our first GU here. Next came a downhill run through the water bridge. This one had a DJ on top encouraging us. There is a short uphill on the other side. Then we pass large Genie, Lumiere, and Sebastian puppets. They are just before the Contemporary hotel. The course narrowed considerably at this point since they had part of the roads open. We could see Space Mountain in the distance and it called to us. The course swung to the right before rounding to the left. This is when we passed Mile 5. This corner was also fairly narrow. Just before entering the Magic Kingdom, we had to run under another bridge. Then we entered the Magic Kingdom through a side entrance by Tony’s restaurant and we were on Main Street. The sidewalks and curbs came up quickly with the dense group and an older lady on my left tripped and face planted on the sidewalk. I think she was more embarrassed than anything because she immediately pulled herself up. The spectators on Main Street made it feel like we were the parade for the day. This was my favorite part. I remember one man holding a sign that said, “To all of you sweaty strangers, I’m cheering for you.” Made it to the castleWe decided to stop just after the Ice Cream Parlor and had a volunteer take our picture with the castle. We would discover that was the best idea later. As soon as we get to the circle before the castle, the course heads to the right and into Tommorrowland. As we make a left turn to head toward the race track, we spot Buzz Lightyear. Alice and the Mad Hatter are just up ahead by the Teacups. Just after this is when we encounter one of the scariest things, a runner is laying down on the ground on the far left with several people surrounding her. We hear someone say that the medics have already been called so we continue on. We pass Winnie the Pooh and as we come on the new stand-alone castle walls I hear one volunteer say a supervisor is already on the way. I can only assume he is talking about the woman we just passed. Just around the wall we see Gaston and Belle. Then we are at the castle. Mickey and Minnie are just outside. There are 2 herald trumpeters on the castle that call us through. This is my biggest disappointment. There are so many people and all are walking so there is no way to run through the castle. We join the crowd and walk. We emerge and can see Main Street again. At this point I remember to look for the photographers, but it’s hard to see them since they are sitting on the ground. We do see they have some in front of the castle to take pictures. However, all the lines are very long. We are grateful we stopped earlier. We continue on to Liberty Square and see the main characters from Princess and the Frog along with the gator. I know about a large bathroom in this area that is actually a short cut to Adventureland. We don’t need the shortcut, but do stop at the bathrooms. There is no line and plenty of empty stalls. After a short, air-conditioned potty break, we get back out on the course. We enter Frontierland and see Jessie. At this point we pass the Mile 6 sign. I’ve been so distracted by everything that I can’t believe we are already at Mile 6. As we leave Magic Kingdom crossing the railroad track, we pass a stopped train and its engineers. Then it’s down a small decline in the backstage area. We pass the castle float and in front of it are Aurora and Phillip and Cinderella and Prince Charming. I did want my picture with Aurora but at this point I’m not willing to stop. I take my run by pictures and keep on moving. Shortly after that, we reach the 10k mark. A volunteer is telling everyone to make sure they run across the speed bump thing or their chip won’t register.

After this, we are back on a road. We see a fire truck in the distance and realize there is a DJ in front of it. Not too far after him is the halfway point. I am a little disappointed as the song that was chosen was the only one I didn’t want… Girl on Fire. The beat is too slow for a run. Oh well. I’m really happy to be halfway through and not hitting the wall yet. Soon we come to the Mile 7 marker. Mile 7It had Aurora and Phillip on it so I stop briefly to get my picture taken. No wait, just the time to take the picture. Although I’m a sweaty mess, I’m still feeling good. Just before we reach the Grand Floridian, we pass Mary Poppins and some chimney sweeps. Then we see the Grand Floridian signs. I think there was construction going on as it was hard to see the Wedding Chapel. I know it’s coming so I’m looking for the guys with the shoe on a pillow. Sure enough, they are all on the right side taking pictures. We continue down the road and pass some tiki statues that are the home for Stitch. We pass the Polynesian and start to see spectators again. The genie is on the side of the road next to a little pond. Since we are running on the road, we come to a do not pass sign. We thought it was so funny that Lisa had her picture made in front of it. As we run through the parking lot again we get to Mile 8. I think this is when my head starts getting a little dizzy. I have been hydrating well and even using the watered down PowerAde they were providing. Luckily, we reach the Clif Shot area soon after. I take a Clif Shot but decide to eat another GU gel since it’s what I’m used to. I no longer feel funny and we get to an accordion group. Lisa is happy and starts dancing to their polka music. They are right before the gas station.

Soon after, we reach Mile 9. This is when we get to the road where we can see the other side. We are so far back that no runners are left on that side. We do pass the heroes again. I think it’s right after this that we hear sirens. The runners part and go off the road on either side. An emergency vehicle comes speeding past. I wonder if it was the lady that was on the ground earlier. Then we see Princess Ada underneath the Animal Kingdom billboard with Flick. We pass the 15k mark and I have to start modifying our run intervals. Not by much, we just choose a spot about 2 dashes up after the beep to start running. I’m still holding up well, though. We pass some large colorful banners. Then we get to the large Princess banner again. Not too much farther and we get to the pirate ship. The characters have now moved around to our side of the road. As we go under the overpass, we get to Mile 10. I remember thinking here comes the hill. Then we are running the circular ramp and I wonder where the hill is. The signs on the side are entertaining. I keep running since it doesn’t seem that hard to me and we pass the Army man. After the walk break I do fell it a little but not bad. Then it occurs to me that we might be able to see our friend who started behind us as we cross over on the bridge. I take a picture and we do find her. We keep going and pass the kites again. We get to Mile 11 and I’m now thinking I’m going to do this. We can just see EPCOT at this point. There are 2 ladies from ESPN on the loud speakers at this point. They are trying to fire us up to power on. I realized after turning the corner why. We hit an uphill that is worse in my opinion than the ramp. We look back trying to find our friend, Jen again. Eventually we do see her, but are too far away to get her attention. As we make our way towards the EPCOT parking lot, we pass Mushu and Mulan and then Elastigirl. Love the signShortly after that as we run through the parking lot, we get to Mile 12. Almost there. At this point, I’m now at the longest run I’ve done. The spectators start showing up again and I’m distracted reading some of the signs. The last water stop is in a backstage area just before we enter EPCOT.

After we run passed the Communicores (not sure what they’re called now but that’s how I’ll always remember them) we pass a fairy with a microphone that reminds me of Kathy Griffin. She makes me laugh. We continue towards the American Adventure and turn when we get to the lagoon. We head back to the ball and exit to the right. I walk once we get out and say I’ll start running to the end at the Gospel choir thinking they are Mile 13. Well, we get to the choir and I start running. Then I see the Mile 13 sign a little ways ahead. I walk again until I get there. Then I run all the way through the finish. Finish LineI actually jumped up onto the little speed bump thing to end. I’m sure it was only a few inched, but it was enough to clear the bump. I’m just glad I had enough left in me for that. I did it! I didn’t even look at the time and totally forgot to take pictures of Mickey and Minnie at the finish. I keep walking to get my medal. I stop to get my Pixie dust. Then we get a water and PowerAde. My medalWe spot the Santa that ran the race and Lisa gets her picture with him. He was in red shorts and a tank top, but was wearing the Santa hat. I think the facial hair was the hottest part. We walk through the tents and get our box of goodies. I made sure to wait in line for my medal picture since I’m not sure what pictures we got on the race. I wanted my official medal picture done. If nothing else, I know I have that one. I kept missing the photographers until I was already almost past them so I’m not sure how many pictures I’ll have. Hopefully I’ll have one good one for my frame. Then we find the family reunion area and wait for Jen. She joins us a short time later. We go looking for an “I did it shirt”, but they are sold out. We decide we really don’t need anything else and get in line for the bus to the resort.

At this point it is 10:30 and I now we’re supposed to be out at 11. Luckily the line is short and goes quickly. We finally shuffle into our room about 10:55. Jen is not feeling good. She is battling stomach cramps. The housekeeper comes by and asks us if we’re checking out. We tell her yes and she smiles at us and says she will come back. We shower and try to eat and drink our snacks. Celebratory drinkWe also have a celebratory glass of wine thanks to my DH. Of course we all put our medals back on. When we are mostly ready, the housekeeper returns. We get our stuff out and head to lunch. None of us is very hungry. We opt for a light lunch at Moe’s. I end up going to get Jen some medicine for her stomach so she will be okay on the plane. Lisa drops us off at the airport what should have been about 3 hours before we left. We take a seat in the main area and catch up on emails and read. Jen plugs her phone in to charge since it died during the run. While sitting there, I get a text that our flight has been delayed an hour. We decide to go ahead and get through security. I grudgingly take my medal off to go through the detector. No incidents and we are at the gate. We encounter a family where the husband and daughter ran the HM and the mom cheered. We also run into a couple ladies who ran the race. They end up sitting next to us on the plane. We find out our plane is having mechanical problem in CLT. It is delayed further. I pull out the cheese spread and crackers from the gift basket and snack on those with a bottle of water. Then our gate is changed. By the time we get our bodies moving, all the seats in the area are taken. So, we sit across the way at the recharging station. I try to read, but I’m too anxious about our flight. The plane finally arrives at 6:15. We were supposed to leave at 5:10 originally. By the time we all get on the plane, it leaves just before 7. The ride is a little bumpy, more so than the flight down but not for as long. They do manage to get me a ginger ale since my stomach was a little iffy. Right as she hands me the drink, they announce we are starting our descent. I chug the drink and give them the trash. We land and I finally make it home just before 10. My DS is still awake in bed and tells me he wants to see my number. Apparently that’s what he noticed most in the pictures I posted during the race. He also wanted to keep my medal for the night. He brought it back to me the next morning.

Overall I had a great time and really enjoyed the race. I would like to be in a lower corral if possible next time. Also, I would be earlier to the bus so I don’t feel rushed to the corral. Disney did a great job keeping me distracted on the course. It’s too bad the buses made it a little frantic in the beginning. I’m sure that will be something they can fix for next time.

Times from Lisa’s chip: 5k – 45:20, 10k – 1:38:20, 15k – 2:28:08, finish 3:30:52

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I am a mother of 2 that started running in 2012. I also enjoy baking and some crafts.
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