Sunday – Post Tinkerbell Half



I finished packing and decided to wait for Nicki while keeping my legs elevated to drain fluids. I also decided I would try to follow my RideMax plan today, but I would be flexible. I had a lunch scheduled for noon at Café Orleans with my Princess Posse group from Facebook. Once Nicki was finished packing and we double and triple checked the room, we took our bags to the front desk. Check out was easy and they also took our bags for us. They gave us each a slip with a number on it for our bags. Then, we made our way to Disneyland. We got into the park a little after 11. Our initial thought was to get a quick picture with Tinkberbell with our medals on. We both were wearing our Tinkerbell half medals. Once inside the park, I asked Nicki to show me where Walt’s apartment was. Turns out it was above the fire station.


We stopped by Pixie Hollow only to learn that the line was an hour long to meet Tinkerbell. I didn’t have an hour before my lunch plans. The thing on my list that was closest to the time was Pirates of the Caribbean. Since it was right by the café, it was a good choice. Nicki waited in line with me. It’s funny, even when the line looks huge it’s only about a 30 minute wait. Nicki also pointed out the Dream Suite above Pirates.


In Disneyland, the boat ride actually goes past part of the line.


There’s also a restaurant that is almost inside the ride.

WP_20140119_165 WP_20140119_166

The ride is a fair bit different from the one at Disney World even though there are a few scene that are identical. Once I got off, I said goodbye to Nicki and headed over to my lunch at Café Orleans. They are known for their Monte Cristo sandwich, but have a good menu.


I decided to get the Monte Cristo.


It is big enough you should really split it with someone else. I only ate half. We also got some Pommes Frites as an appetizer.


I had a great time at lunch getting to know the ladies there. It was a small group so I got to really meet everyone there. Oh, I had picked up a fast pass for Indiana Jones before lunch since it was next on my list and the return time was in the window of my ride list. It turns out, one of the ladies at lunch had a group fast pass and offered to take us all to Indiana Jones after lunch. So, my fast pass went unused. We had a very short wait in the fast pass line.


WP_20140119_172 WP_20140119_173

The whole time I was in line and on the ride I thought about my friend, Heidi, who is an Indiana Jones fanatic. She might be a little disappointed with the figures of Indy on the ride, but she would enjoy it. It really is a great ride. As we exited the ride, I realized that just on the other side of the palms was the Jungle Cruise.


Everything is so close here.


After I said goodbye to the Posse members, I realized I was way ahead of my schedule and could try to get in some of the things I had missed by getting there later. I caught a few minutes of a street show with Mary Poppins on my way to the single rider line for the Matterhorn.

WP_20140119_176 WP_20140119_177


It was quite a wait.


I had about 10 people in front of me and the ride broke down. I wasn’t about to wait, so I found Pinocchio’s Daring Journey. In trying to find that line, I stumbled upon the Frozen meet & greet. That line was over an hour long. I originally thought it was the Pinocchio line. The nice man I asked laughed and pointed out the real (non-existent) line for Pinocchio.

WP_20140119_181 WP_20140119_180

Within 5 minutes I was on the ride. It reminded me of the old time fair rides. I enjoyed it but I like stuff like that. Next I decided to head into Toontown.

WP_20140119_182 WP_20140119_183

I had 2 rides there. Gadget’s Go-Coaster had a 30 minute wait. I wasn’t willing to wait for something I thought might be difficult to get out of with tired legs.


Next I checked Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin. That line was even longer. Nicki had told me she would not go on that one because it spinned so much. So, I decided that was one I could skip, too. I decided a nice, sit down show would be perfect and headed back to the front of the park for Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln.


I was expecting it to be like the Hall of Presidents at Magic Kingdom. It’s really not. It does have the Blue and Grey song which I love in it. It tells more about Lincoln’s life and he’s the only figure. Overall, it was a good show and nice to sit down in air conditioning for 20 minutes to watch. I was able to walk almost right into the theater due to my timing. As you exit the theater, the song America, Spread Your Golden Wings from the American Adventure follows you to the exit. On display on the way out are several pictures of innovators and brave people who inspire. It was a nice display.

WP_20140119_186 WP_20140119_187

WP_20140119_188 WP_20140119_189

I decided to skip the Captain EO Tribute since I still wanted to squeeze in the Matterhorn. Next, I went to Tomorrowland to ride Buzz Lightyear.


I was expecting it to be just like the one at Magic Kingdom, but it wasn’t. Unlike Magic Kingdom, the guns are handheld with a cord.


You still spin the car from side to side to hit targets. I really enjoyed it even though my score wasn’t so good.

WP_20140119_193 WP_20140119_192

I had lots of time before my next ride on my list, so I decided to try the Matterhorn again.


This time I made it on. It is a very bumpy ride. I did like it, but not so sure I’d stand in a long line for that neck workout again. I did have a little bit of a hard time getting out since my legs were so tired from the races. While trying to get to Alice in Wonderland, I got caught by the end of the parade. Mary Poppins and Burt were riding carousel horses.


They were followed by the final float which I had remembered seeing during the races.


This one had several chimney sweeps riding it. I fell in behind the ladies carrying the rope and crossed over to Alice before the crowd. I had less than a 5 minute wait. Alice is another old time fair type ride. I liked it especially since I had virtually no wait.


Nicki texted me that she was back in the park. She was going to check the Tinkerbell line. I had looked in on it as I walked by and it was always an hour. I went on ahead to Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride.


This ride used to be in Magic Kingdom but was replaced by Winnie the Pooh. I love the old time car look of the vehicles.


It is another old time fair feel ride. I had always loved this one at Magic Kingdom and was unhappy when they replaced it.


This was just like I remembered. Nicki was waiting for me when I got off. She had been looking for anything Olaf. All she could find was this character on top of the Frozen meet & greet building. He did talk and make noises.


Although I had 2 rides left on my list, both were basically in the same area. After looking at the small size of the Casey Jr. Train and knowing my legs, I decided to forgo that and we went on the Storybook Land Canal Boats. I think this was one of the original attractions. You board a boat with a tour guide and float around miniature storybook areas. The first thing you do is sail into the whale’s mouth from Pinocchio.


My pictures aren’t the best since the sun was going down rapidly.


This was the train I opted not to ride.


Aladdin’s kingdom made the tour.


As did the cave with the lamp.


This was many different princess areas and even had Cinderella’s coach leaving on the roads.


Soon we were back at the dock. The running commentary by the tour guide was funny when we could understand it.

Going Home

Prime Time has great communications. They texted me to let me know they would be about 10 minutes later than they said. The text also had a link to track the driver. Nicki and I visited the Tomorrowland store to get my son a Star Wars shirt. Then we went to check on a pin for her. We also stopped on Main Street so I could pick up some candy for the kids. We both got waffle cones at the Ice Cream store as we left Disneyland. We were both feeling tired and sore at this point. We walked through Downtown Disney and stopped in a couple stores to look around. We finally got back to the hotel and got our bags about an hour before my shuttle was supposed to be there. We both changed into pants. I took Tylenol and rubbed some Bio Freeze into my sore back. I checked the link to my shuttle. I noticed I was the third of 4 stops and he was actually in route to me. Nicki found the tracking for her shuttle, but she got worried. While I was there for 30 minutes it hadn‘t moved. My shuttle showed up right on time. I said goodbye to Nicki thinking that we would see each other at the airport. We were on the same flight home. The driver was very nice and put my bag in the back. There were already 3 people onboard. I dozed as we made our way to the final stop. We picked up one more person and then went to LAX. I was the first drop off. I went to the counter. The lady was friendly and checked in my bag and printed off a boarding pass. I dropped the bag off with TSA and then headed to the security area. The line was fairly short. I had no issues getting through. I made my way to the US Airways club since I had a Day Pass and a 2 hour wait. The club closed at 10, but at least I got to sit in comfy seats, have snacks, and drinks while watching TV during that time.

At 10, I made my way to the gate. The gate next door was boarding. I found Nicki and we sat together for about 10 minutes until our flight boarded. Luckily, I was one of the first to board and the people hanging around the gate weren’t too bad yet. The flight was full and they asked people in the later boarding waves to gate check their larger carry-on bags. I’m not sure how many took advantage of that. Nicki paid for priority boarding so there would be room for her bag. The lady in the aisle seat boarded ahead of me. Once I got in and put both my bag and purse under the seat, the flight attendant took our drink orders. I got apple juice. We also had a blanket and pillow in our seats. I read while everyone boarded. I did say hi to Nicki as she passed. Shortly before take off, the flight attendant took our glasses and trash. Take off was uneventful. I stretched out and tried to sleep. I did close the window shade after a few minutes. I dozed but woke about 4 different times during the flight. Finally we were descending into Charlotte. The flight attendant brought around boxed continental breakfast for us to take with. I opened the shade to watch our landing. Downtown Charlotte was on the other side of the plane. Landing was good and we had no wait to pull into a gate. I was one of the first ones off. I stopped in a bathroom since I knew the bags would take a while. Many people started asking about our bags before they finally arrived. One more perk of First Class, priority baggage. Mine was one of the first bags off. I headed out to the Park ‘n’ Go pick up area and just made the bus that was there. The driver was very friendly and helped me get my bag on. I was the last of 3 drop offs. The driver put my bag in the back of my car. I so totally love this place for airport parking! I will continue to use them every time I fly. After going through the gate and handing them my ticket and prepay receipt, I was on my way home. The red-eye does make for a hard day, but it was so worth it. I had a great trip overall. Although I enjoyed seeing the parks in CA and running the races, the length of the trip and preference to Walt Disney World will probably keep me from returning for a while.

Once I got home, I took a short nap. When I woke up, my kids thanked me for bringing them each home a medal. I laughed and took this picture of them. I did get my medals back later.


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