Princess Weekend 2014 Part 2 – Enchanted 10k

Enchanted 10k


We got the wakeup call at 2:45 exactly and it was Olaf, the snowman from Frozen. We got up and moving knowing we wanted to be on the 3:30 bus. I put on my StickE band and then got the wig in place. I pinned the braid on my right shoulder to keep it from pulling. I also used many bobby pins on the wig to keep it in place. I had Jamie help me pin the stuffed Pascal to my left shoulder. I grabbed my water bottle and we headed out about 3:15. Halfway to the stairs, I realized I had forgotten my phone. I went back on got it and we made our way to the bus. There were already many people in line. We got there just before 3:25. The bus opened the doors about a minute later. The first bus was full and left at 3:27. We were able to take the short way around EPCOT for the 10k and arrived at 3:40. WP_20140222_002

There were almost no other buses there yet. We made our way to the Race Retreat and spotted Nicki and Cindy already at a table with a Rapunzel balloon. WP_20140222_003

They must have been the bus in front of us. The picture area was set up like The Queen of Hearts’ rose garden. There was little wait, so I got my picture made with the Mad Hatter and the Queen of Hearts.


Then I took advantage of the food and got a bagel and toasted it. WP_20140222_007 WP_20140222_008

I used grape jelly and grabbed a banana. I also grabbed 2 small water bottles and from hot cocoa. I knew I still needed to fill my hand held. That hit the spot. Jamie and I left about 4:10 to find the Princess Posse picture. I found the people and actually got to meet Christine who is a friend from my expecting board from my son. We finally got organized for the picture at 4:45. We danced briefly with the DJ before making our way to the corrals. Jamie was in a different one than me, so we wished each other luck. We were about 45 minutes early into the corrals.

WP_20140222_009 P1070034

I was pretty close to the front. I talked to a few people while we were standing there and even handed out another purple bracelet. Soon, Nicki found me.


We decided to run together. We also say Patti Holiday in a group next to us dressed as characters from Mary Poppins. Soon, the first 2 corrals were taken towards the start line. I was in C. They started the corrals 10 minutes apart. After the first one started, they moved us. The way we had to swing out, we ended up about 1/3 of the way back in the corral. I did like the start area.


We watched the fireworks for corral B and then we moved up. P1070040 P1070038P1070029 P1070030

Soon, it was our turn. Nicki decided we would do 1:1 intervals but stop for pictures.

We started out running through the parking lot towards the main road. We turned left onto the road and continued for a while. Soon we could hear something and see lights on top of the overpass we are going to run under. As we get closer, we realize it’s Else up there talking to the crowd and they are blowing “snow” onto the right side of the road. We were on the left to stop and get pictures and video, but did see the snow.


We continued down the street. It was pretty dark at this hour. We saw the Mile 1 sign on the right.


Soon we were to a big U turn onto a ramp up. Just at the turn is the White Rabbit.


We stopped to get our picture made. They were releasing the corrals 10 minutes
apart. So, we knew we had at least 20 minutes before worrying about the balloon
t know, there are a group of ladies who start last and keep a 16 minute mile pace. They carry balloons so they can be seen easily. They are very nice, encouraging ladies, but also very feared. If you fall behind them, you are in danger of being swept onto a bus and driven to the finish line. Because of my fear of being swept, I have never stopped for a m glad she got me t as long as I think. The White Rabbit was quite a long line and took about 6 minutes. We then ran up the ramp. At the end of the ramp was Pocahontas and friends.


In this line, I helped Mrs. Nesbit with a safety pin. Then we got to the first water stop. Shortly after the water stop, we got to Mile 2.


At this point the sun was just starting to come up. They had a large video screen playing songs with Disney clips.


For some reason, I thought we got into EPCOT around Mile 3. We both needed a bathroom at this point. We almost stopped at some port-o-potties, but they were already pretty bad so we kept going. We could see on the other side of the road where the corrals and start area would be for the half the next morning. Soon we veered right on the road around the parking area. We finally got to Mile 3.


The sun was fighting off the haze. Shortly after, we passed the 5k banner.


Then we were coming into the backstage areas of EPCOT.WP_20140222_022 WP_20140222_023

Just as we were getting ready to pass through the security gate, the toy soldiers were on the right.


The line was very short so we stopped. I had my salted caramel GU while waiting in this line. Cindy caught up to us here. She was hurting and decided to stay with us the rest of the way. We run behind some of the buildings and underneath Test Tracks.


We also ran past one of the big costuming buildings I remembered from my time in the Christmas show in front of the American Adventure (before they moved Candlelight there).


Soon we could see the lights in front of Norway.

WP_20140222_026 WP_20140222_028

We came out through the area between Norway and China. There was a water stop just after turning left in front of China.


I took a picture of Germany since my sister is currently living there.



We tried the restrooms in this area, but there was a line. We found Jiminy Cricket I think by Italy.


Cindy ran ahead to find the bathrooms at American Adventure. We found the Mile 4 marker right in front of our bathroom stop.


The bathrooms are a ways back on the side of the building so we were the only ones in there. It made for a nice, quick stop. I was lagging behind Nicki so I ran the whole way from the bathroom. I found her waiting in line for Louis in front of America.


We were the last ones to get a picture before went on break. We ran past Japan and Morroco.

WP_20140222_034 WP_20140222_035

As we got to France, we saw another character line. It was long and we decided not to stop. Good thing because I turned to get a run by picture as Marie was heading back to break. So, it was not a good picture and I had no chance to try again.

WP_20140222_036 WP_20140222_037

We then ran around and turned just before Great Britain to go over the
International Gateway.

WP_20140222_040 WP_20140222_041

This area was divided as it was the same way back. It was pretty crowded both directions on our way towards the Boardwalk resort.


You can see the Swan and Dolphin in the distance.


Sports Goofy was waiting in front of the ESPN area.


We decided not to stop for him.


The course went around the lake area that the boardwalk is built on. Cindy had to get a picture with the Margarita stand since it was National Margarita day.


There was a water stop in the middle of the loop. We got to Mile 5 just as we were getting to the Yacht Club resort.


After running back through the International Gateway and almost running into a large green pole that came up to my belly, we saw these large characters.


Then we turned left and went through a backstage area.


They had a DJ set up here who did a good job getting us pumped up.


We came back on stage by Imagination. The sign for Captain EO reminded me of my very first ever visit to Disney which was to EPCOT in 1986.


We actually saw Captain EO then right before it was marketed to the public as open. We then ran towards the Innoventions area (which I will always call the Communicores).

P1070062 WP_20140222_054Donald was taking pictures right before you run through the first building.


We decided not to stop. We just wanted to finish at this point. We ran through the middle of the fountain area and then down to the right of the Spaceship Earth.


We turned backstage and got to Mile 6.


Soon we came to the finish.


I got someone to put the medal around my neck and grabbed a Gatorade. We got in the line to get our 10k finisher bracelet for the Glass Slipper Challenge. Then we had our finisher picture taken.


After the picture, we got a food box. Then we headed over to the race retreat. We did find a board on the way over with the names of all the Glass Slipper Challenge participants.

WP_20140222_061 WP_20140222_060Upon entering the race retreat, we were given a hand towel with the Princess logo and a pair of flip flops. They only had small and medium. There is no way a medium will fit my size 11 feet, but I took a pair. I figured I could give them to someone who wasn’t in the race retreat. I was so happy to see the food. My stomach had started growling about Mile 5.


I loaded my plate with scrambled eggs with cheese, potato wedges, crispy bacon, and a chocolate chip muffin. I also grabbed a Coke. We grabbed a table and sat around eating and talking for a while. Jamie found us shortly after we sat down. Soon it was emptying out.


So, Jamie and I said goodbye to the others and made our way outside to find the bus. We noticed they still had a couple princesses taking pictures. We opted to skip Cinderella since I knew we had a Fast Pass to meet her after the half. We did wait for Belle. WP_20140222_063

I met Mere in that line again. She was one of the ladies I talked with at Tinkerbell. I have to say, everyone in line was very friendly and the whole vibe is just great. I got the picture and then took Jamie’s picture with her camera. We grabbed our things and made our way over to the Port Orleans bus. There was no line and we hopped right on board. We waited a few more minutes and then left.

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  1. Another great report …love the pics

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