Princess Weekend 2014 Part 3 – Saturday

Saturday Post-10k

The bus ride to Port Orleans was quick. First stop was the French Quarter. Then they went around to all the Riverside stops. We waited until the end and got off at the lobby since we knew the way from there. We both took showers and then napped. I got up about 10:50 am. I had brought some things to make goody bags for the Glass Slipper Challenge group meetup. Over 50 people RSVP’d, 25 in the last few days. I had enough stuff to make 50 bags. The meetup was at noon at Downtown Disney. We left the room at 11:15. It started
sprinkling slightly as we made our way to the boat. The line was long enough that we didn’t get on the first boat. The second boat came and we were finally on our way. My mom and Granny were actually meeting me there. I texted them when I found out we would be a little late. When we got close, the captain told us we were landing at the only dock available now.


Apparently, they closed the one I used the night before for the construction going on. The captain told us they were changing Downtown Disney to Disney Springs (I think). They were building 2 parking decks and tripling the amount of restaurants. I’m curious to see what it will be like when they finish. Jamie & I finally got to the Waterside stage area about 12:10.


We found 6 other ladies there. I’m guessing the other 40+ either stopped by early and didn’t see anyone and left, or they thought it was raining and didn’t come. The sprinkling stopped by the time we got there. After talking for a while, we took a picture in front of the stage.


I handed out the goody bags and tried to get them to take more than one. I really didn’t want to take that stuff back with me on the plane. The ring pops took up a lot of space. We left shortly after the picture. Originally, I was going to eat lunch with mom & Granny at Downtown Disney. However, the lines were really long at this point. So, we went back to their car and drove to the Crossroads. We finally decided on the TGI Fridays in the back of that shopping area. The service was decent and the food was good. I got a drink similar to a cherry limeade from Sonic.


That hit the spot after the 10k that morning. I also got fried shrimp and fries.


I knew what my meals would be like for the rest of my Disney stay and knew that was different than what I would be getting. It was perfectly spiced batter on the shrimp. Overall, it was a great meal. Mom drove me back to my room. I left several bags in her car for my baby sister. I got back in the room about the same time as Jamie. I decided to get everything out of the unused goody bags and clean it up. As soon as I had that done, I fell asleep again. I woke up in time to get ready for dinner. Jamie and I wanted to stop by the campfire at the resort.


We saw them setting up but knew we couldn’t hang around since we had dinner reservations at Portobello at Downtown Disney. After seeing the line for the boat, we decided to take the bus. We had a little bit of a walk from the bus to the restaurant. When we got there, we went inside to look for our group. We had on our nametags since I had not met any of the women before. This was another group of Princess Posse ladies. After asking a few random groups, I walked back outside. One lady approached me with her friend. They were a part of the group. We started talking. Soon one of the ladies sitting on ground beside the restaurant approached us. t make it and they were taking over. We proceeded inside. We waited less than 5 minutes at that point to be seated. It was a little chilly outside. We ended up being seated on the patio that had portable sides up.

WP_20140222_073 WP_20140222_072

Since I was on the dining plan, I decided to take advantage of it and get a strawberry lemonade drink. Then I ordered the ravioli that I had the previous year. They brought us bread and roasted garlic.


I spread a clove on my roll. It was good. Before the meal came, the waiter brought drink refills. He told me they don’t normally refill the strawberry lemonade, but the bartender made them so he was going to serve them. I was very thirsty so I appreciated it. I did also have a glass of water. When the meal came, I had 3 large raviolis on the plate. It was very delicious and pretty cheesy. Eventually he came back to ask about dessert. I was pretty full, but dessert is part of the dining plan. So, I got the Panna Cota to go. I wanted the dessert that sounded like Crème Brule, but that cannot be made to go. Jamie & I said our goodbyes to everyone else. We went to the Lego store so I could get something for my son. Getting through the people especially by T-Rex was a challenge.


The Lego store was nice.


I picked up a few small things for my son and then we went back to the boat. We were both tired and knew we had another early morning ahead of us. As we were waiting for the boat, I saw 2 young men ask about getting on a boat. They just wanted to ride on one and didn’t care where it went. Funny that I remember them, but I saw them spectating during the half the next day. We got on a boat and back to the room with no issues. Jamie decided she just wanted to sleep. I ate my dessert which was very tasty. I’m sure it would have been prettier if I had eaten it at the restaurant.


I set out everything I needed for the half. Then I settled in for the night.

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