Princess Weekend – Part 6 Monday



We woke up relatively early (6:30) but took our time getting ready. I thought our breakfast reservation was for 9 AM at O’Hana’s. I thought we needed to go through Downtown Disney, but asked the concierge. They told us to take the bus to Magic Kingdom and then use the resort monorail. So, that’s what we did. It was strange to walk by the front entrance of Magic Kingdom with no intention of entering. We arrived at the Polynesian about 8:30.


We checked in knowing we were early. That’s when we found out the reservation was actually at 9:40. The lady was nice enough to put in a note about us thinking we had an 8:40 reservation.


We ended up being seated just after 9. We had a great seat by the windows.


Our server brought us wonderful juice and fruit.


We also got bread. We chatted with our server about the juice and she told us she got a different brand of the juice from Costco and takes it with on vacation to mix with rum. We both agreed that would be a great drink. Lilo made her way to our table and we both got a picture.

WP_20140224_008 WP_20140224_010

Soon, our server brought out the food. The bacon was crispy but not nearly as salty as the race retreat. I would have preferred it more salty. The eggs and Mickey waffles were great!


I really think that juice might be the best part, though. I believe it was Orange, mango, guava or something like that. We hung around another 10 minutes and the other 3 characters came around; Stitch, Pluto and Mickey.

WP_20140224_013 WP_20140224_014

WP_20140224_015 WP_20140224_016 WP_20140224_017

That’s one of the best parts of these meals. The characters come to each table so the atmosphere stays laid back. We took care of the check and left a tip. Tips are not included on the dining plan. Then we briefly walked around the resort.

WP_20140224_019 WP_20140224_020

WP_20140224_021 WP_20140224_023

I wanted Jamie to see the resort to be able to plan her next trip. We had already decided to take a cab back since we knew we needed to pack up and get out quickly after breakfast. We got a cab in front of Polynesian with no issues. They cab driver was great. The fare was less than $20. Jamie wanted to check something at the front, so I ducked into the shop to use my remaining 2 snack credits on things to take back to my kids. I ended up with chocolate dipped and sprinkled Mickey Rice Krispy treats. There was a whole section labeled snack for the dining plan.


It must be typical to spend them leaving. Jamie then found me and grabbed two snack things as well. We headed back to the room and I made a mad dash trying to pack. I was supposed to be on an 11:00 Magical Express bus. I did wash off the window, but forgot to take down the stickers. It was getting really close to 11 and I was still packing. Jamie called the front and asked about the buses. She learned that they have buses every 30 minutes and you can ride a different one as long as they have room. At that point, I calmed my mad dash pack. I ended up leaving quite a few things in the room. I hate leaving a mess for housekeeping. So, I wrote them a note telling them what I was leaving that they could have or give away and also left a good tip.

Soon, Jamie and I made our way to the front so I could catch the 11:30 bus. I did not have time to grab a quick lunch. The bus showed up about 2 minutes after we got up front. Jamie graciously offered to handle the check out. There was plenty of room and I was able to get on the bus. I did have a bottle of water with me. We made one more stop at the Old Key West resort on the way to the airport. I cat napped and finished my water on the way. I did notice they had printed out a boarding pass in the material they left in the room with the bus time. When we got to the airport, US Air was the second stop. After departing the bus, I made my way to the food court area. I needed a bathroom. Once in the bathroom, I found out the Orlando airport has free feminine product dispensers in each stall.

At that point, I decided I better get through security. The line on the side by US Air was pretty long. So, I walked around to the other side since they both end up in the same place. The TSA employees were friendly. After making it through the first check, I got in line. I ended up getting pulled out of that line and put in the TSA pre-check line. That was great. You don’t have to remove anything including liquids from your bags and you leave your shoes on. I did take off my medal and run it through the x-ray. I had no issues this time. I gathered my things and took the monorail to the gate area. I got a smoothie for lunch in the common area. The smoothie was very watered down. I decided to use the bathroom one more time before boarding. Then I went to the gate. Most of the seats were already taken, so I stood by a column away from the boarding area. I ended up talking to a lady from New Bern while waiting for the flight to board.

As the agent made the first announcement, people crowded the boarding area. We both commented on how stupid and anti-productive that is. We did witness a few people trying to board before it was their time. The agent sent them back and didn’t accept those that pretended not to speak English, either. I can appreciate that. Soon it was my turn to board. I realized this was an older 767 plane and had smaller overheads. Luckily, my bag still fit. I think I accidentally hit a lady already seated with my backpack when I was trying to lift my rolling bag. I had a window seat. The flight was relatively uneventful once everyone was on board and seated.

Back in Charlotte, I visited the bathroom and then made my way to the Park ‘n’ Go shuttle. Once again I can’t say enough good things about their service. I was dropped off right at my car and they loaded my rolling bag. I had pre-paid. So, all I had to do was hand the cashier my receipt. She even gave me a small bottle of water for the drive home. I called my husband since he had landed in Miami shortly before I had landed in Charlotte. Luckily, our daughter was fine. Overall, this was a great trip and Jamie was the best roommate! I will be doing Glass Slipper Challenge again. I already have a reminder set for the opening of registration on July 15.

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  1. Loved your report ….see you in 2015

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