Elon Park 5k

This race was to raise funds for a playground for my son’s school. We were going to run the race together. I was not worried about my time, only that we finish.

We got to the school about 20 minutes before race time. The line to get our bibs was long. Once they separated out the 1 milers, it didn’t take long. Logan was one of only a handful of Kindergarteners running the 5k. He was super excited.


Soon, it was time to line up. There was a couple false starts which were caused by poor communication and organization. Finally, we were off. The course starts out as a lap around the bus lot. Logan stayed with the kids up front while I started at the back. I forgot my interval watch so I tried to just listen to my body. After a lap, we cut behind the school to the parking lot. We zigzagged through the lot and out to the main street. Somewhere in the parking lot I realized I never started my running app. So, I started it late. We stayed on the sidewalk. They had some nice motivational signs in front of the school. We ran across the entrance to the bus lot. We continued down the road until the traffic light. Here we turned right.

Then we ran along Marvin road for a ways until a designated subdivision entrance that had the turn around. About halfway to the turn around, I found Logan. He was out of steam and talking about quitting. I stayed with him and we just kept walking. Soon, we came to the turn around. We started back. I used my hand on Logan’s back to motivate him. He got me to push him every once in a while and he’d run on ahead. Then, I’d start my run interval until I caught up. He’d stop once he ran out of steam again until I caught him. Then we’d walk for a while with my hand on his back. He only really talked about quitting 3 times.

The one milers started after us and passed us on our way back to Ardrey Kell. We were with them until the bus lot entrance. They turned in and we had to go by and do the parking lot zigzag again. Logan really wanted to just turn into the lot. Once he was by it, we were by another girl a little older than him and her dad. The dad was obviously faster and running backwards trying to encourage her. I stuck with the daughter for a while and Logan ran a little ahead with the dad. It made the parking lot easier on both of them.

Once we got behind the school, Logan was ready to go. We could now see the people who were finished. He ran to the bus lot and the realized we had to do a full lap. I walked with him holding his hand. We passed a group of boys playing basketball that had already finished their run. Once we rounded the corner, Logan took off. He thought the finish was in the middle of the straightaway by all the people. It turns out it is all the way at the end. He ran through the people and stopped. I grabbed his hand again and we finished together. I stopped my app and knew it was off. It was the slowest 5k I’ve run, but well worth it. I am so proud of my son, Logan. He was just happy to get a Popsicle after we finished.


About kristincooke

I am a mother of 2 that started running in 2012. I also enjoy baking and some crafts.
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