LoziLu Women’s Mud Run 2014


My friend, Jen picked me up shortly after 8 AM. Having done this run last year, I had brought a plastic bag with another shirt, capris, and sandals. I also had a pack of baby wipes. Since I wasn’t driving, I threw in my wallet for my ID and cash for parking. I carried my cell phone. This year it was being run at the Concord Motor Speedway. I wonder how many people thought it was Charlotte motor speedway and went to the wrong place. We plugged the location into GPS and started our drive. Apparently, we came in the opposite direction as most people. They let us enter through the exit and form a second line. We saw people running beside the road. We parked easily and got out with all our stuff. As we walked towards the speedway, we passed more ladies some muddier than others running along the road. We wondered how some could be covered in mud and others look completely clean. The was a banner at the main entrance to let us know we were in the right place.


We walked in and saw all the people down in the race track area.


We made our way down the bleachers and onto the infield.


Check in was relatively easy. I gave them my ID and they handed me a number. Next we went to a table with safety pins and maps. Finally, there was a table with bags that had headbands in them. We wandered around and saw the shower area, finish line, and merchandise. The 9:30 wave was warming up and then starting as we wandered. We took a before picture and then left all our things at the bag check. We saw many people up the track looking out. We decided to check it out and see what was there. We could see quite a bit of the race from there. We both commented on the obstacles we could see as well as which one was the hardest for us. Soon, it was time for our warm up. We headed over in time to participate in the costume contest which was won by the nurses. We warmed up with the leaders. Then, we headed over to the start. I ran into one of my former co-workers, Shannon, on the way. She told me she was starting with our wave but would be walking at the back. Jen and I planned to run as much as possible. Soon we were counting down. And we were off! We ran ahead a little before turning left to go out of the stadium.

Once out of the stadium, we turned right. The first obstacle was leg warmers. It was basically high stepping over low hurdles. Once we cleared that, we ran for a little ways and came to the first mud bath. We noticed the right side was dry whereas the left side was gooey mud. That’s when we realized how some people could be really muddy and others look like they skipped the obstacle. The mud was part of the fun for us so we kept to the left side. After the mud bath, we ran for quite a while past the parking lot. This was the stretch where we saw the runners on our way in. When we got to the main road, we turn around and run on the other side of the trees back.

Just after you veer slightly right and can’t see the parking lot anymore, they had the first water stop. I stopped and chugged a cup of water. Right after the water was tan lines. It’s basically a ladder wall. The scariest part was the feeling at the top that if you leaned too far it would fall over. That probably wouldn’t happen, but it’s still unsettling. After that, we ran in a wide S pattern to the walk this way. It is a long balance beam that is like 2 small hills. There were 3 to choose from. The one we chose was very wobbly on the way up the second hill. Once we jumped off that with a sigh of relief, we ran another wide S to the swingset. This one was new from last year. It is basically swags of belts that your have to walk across. The challenge is that they will swing apart leaving you in a semi-split.

I think there was a water break around here somewhere. Then we came to another mud bath. Afterwards, our shoes felt like lead. The next obstacle was the fun house which was an inflatable water slide. They had no water at the top and very little in the bottom. I don’t think the slide was quite as tall as last year, but I could be wrong. I know the climb up didn’t seem as bad. I did notice a volunteer spraying water into the bottom like rain as we got out. That’s where I first got mud above my chest area.

Soon we came to the bad hair day. This was the tangled ropes you have to climb through. The material used was different this year. I think it made it easier. We had a little run at this point. I remember having to go uphill. At the top of the hill I believe was another water stop. After that we went downhill ending at the over it obstacle. These are basically walls of varying heights that you need to get over. Jen & I tried the tallest ones, but decided against hurting ourselves and went to the medium height ones. After this was the mani pedi. This is a series of large sawhorse type things that you alternate going over and under. At this point, Jen was wishing she had worn capris and not shorts. The ground was rough. She ended up going a kind of plank walk where her knees didn’t hit the ground. I did the easier (although not on the knees) side crawl/shimmy. There was 6 of these total; 3 over and 3 under.

Once we were finished, we ran back into the stadium and onto the track. After getting down to the bottom, the step up obstacle greeted us. It was 10 beams of varying height positioned horizontally that you had to walk across like steps. I was a little wary since there was only concrete under then if you should fall. We ran by the finish line thinking we were almost done. Then we came to the line for the fish nets.


These are rather tall cargo nets to climb up and over. Once it was our turn, I stayed just in front of Jen. I got to the top and was a little jittery as I swung over to come back down. I talked Jen through it although I’m sure she would have been fine without me. A girl in front of us froze at the top. The ladies around her (not sure if they were together) were eventually able to talk her through it. The encouragement from everyone was awesome!

Once we finished the nets we knew we were almost done. We ran to the finish. That’s when we found the exfoliator.

It’s the last mud bath.

We decided to go all in and army crawled through it.

It was rather watery and we were completely coated at the end.
We crossed the finish and hugged each other in victory.

They placed medals around our necks and we each grabbed a water. Then we got in line for the red carpet. That is what they call their finisher pictures. We made sure to get our faces and everything muddy and then tried to wipe off our numbers enough to be seen.

We got a decent picture and then headed to the showers. The showers here are hoses to spray yourself down.


I was donating my shoes, so I only rinsed them enough to get off. It took a while and several squeals from the cold water to get near clean. Then we went and got our checked bags and headed to the changing tent. I had brought a whole pack of baby wipes and Jen had brought 2 towels. It took a lot of baby wipes, but eventually I had my clean clothes on and was relatively mud-free. I would recommend bringing everything to change into. I had a bra but not underwear. That was a mistake. Also, make sure everything you wear is old. I still haven’t been able to get all the mud out of my socks and underwear. After changing, we left the tent and exited into the treat area. We each got a half banana, water, small candy bar, and tootsie pop. As we were walking out, we ran into a volunteer fire department truck coming in.


Apparently, they had run out of water for showers and the fire truck was coming in to bring more water. We did discover that they had feminine products by the port-o-potties in case you needed it. That was a welcome sight for many, I am sure. Once we got to the car we had no trouble leaving.

All in all, this is a great event. I would definitely do it again as long as I had someone to run it with me. This is untimed and just for fun. The addition of the medal this year was nice. I must say, all the changes I noticed from last year seemed to be for the better. I definitely liked the location better.

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I am a mother of 2 that started running in 2012. I also enjoy baking and some crafts.
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