Color Run Charlotte 2014

This run is around the Charlotte Motor Speedway. I picked up my packet the Friday before at the sporting goods store by the speedway. There were a lot of people there picking up. The cross body bag they gave us was nice. I was looking forward to the run.

The next morning brought nasty weather. It was cold and rainy. Had I not been meeting Nicki and her friend, I might have just stayed at home. I decided to wear my under armor cold gear shirt under the short sleeved color run shirt. I also wore thermal leggings. Due to the nasty weather and the color, I wore older shoes. The drive was easy and there were good signs showing me where to park. I gathered my things and walked across the street to the speedway. The packet pick up and finish line party was to the right of the gift shop in that corner of the outside parking area. I met up with Nicki at the packet pick up area. She told me she had emergency ponchos in her car. We left her friend in line for packet pickup to get them. I decided to put the poncho on and then pull the short sleeved shirt over the top. That worked well since it acted like a barrier and the shirt held it on tight. My hands were getting cold so Nicki offered me a spare pair of gloves she had in her car. They were greatly appreciated. I realized the zip lock bag from the poncho was the perfect size for my phone so I put it in there. As we walked back, we saw the first wave starting. We texted Nicki’s friend and met him by the start area. We got a before picture together.

We decided to go ahead and start with the next group. The starting area was good. It was a light crowd I’m sure due to the poor weather. I don’t remember a lot since I waited so long to write this. I know we ran through Blue, Purple, Yellow, and lastly Pink. Then we got to the end. They tried to hand us white color packets, but we got to trade them for another color. The after party with the DJ was fun. They tossed out a lot of color packets and we looked coated by the time we left. Unfortunately, I had to get home so I cut the partying short. I did have a towel to put on my seat in the car. I pulled off everything on top and balled it up inside out in the rain poncho. It did save my car a lot. Once I got home, I peeled off everything but my under garment before going up to shower. I still left a short trail. Everything did wash out fairly easily. If the weather was better and I had friends to run with, I would do this race again. I think they are moving it earlier in the year for 2015.

Photos from the race:

Start line from the pedestrian bridge

The three of us at the start line

Blue area

Purple area

Showing off 2 colors

Me with 2 colors

Yellow area

Pink area

Colorful Nicki

Nicki’s friend

My front

My back

Finish Line

After party!102523&authkey=!ACR9ushKxIWs9Ag&ithint=video%2cmp4
After party – more color from this than the run (video)

About kristincooke

I am a mother of 2 that started running in 2012. I also enjoy baking and some crafts.
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One Response to Color Run Charlotte 2014

  1. Naomi Chance says:

    Love the pics – hope they bring a Color Run to FM soon!

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