Star Wars Weekend – Wednesday

I left work just before 4 PM to head to the airport. For some reason, I was extremely excited about this trip. I got to Park ‘n’ Go (my normal airport parking choice) with no trouble. They are working on paving the lot, but I was still able to find a spot without issues. The shuttle was waiting at the back of my car. The driver loaded my large checked bad and I climbed aboard with my purse and duffle carry on. As it turns out, I got a private shuttle. I can’t believe how much the roads into the airport are changing with the construction. We made it to baggage claim easily. They now have the first crosswalk at A blocked. So, I walked down the B. There was a lady directing traffic which helped to cross without incident. I went upstairs to wait for Nicki. Since we were on the same reservation, we had to check in together. I found a spot with chairs next to the first class check in. Nicki was only 10 minutes behind me. We had a short wait to get to the kiosk to check in. Nicki had 2 bags to check and I had one. Thank goodness we were in first class so we didn’t have to pay. I am TSA Pre-Check, but Nicki did not get randomly selected this time. So, we both waited in the First Class security line at C. The line moved pretty good. Soon, we were going through. Nicki had brought her whole year’s worth of Disney medals in her carry on. Needless to say they got flagged during the x-ray. When they were doing the search, one TSA person asked if they were chocolate. Once they verified it was race medals, we were on our way. We went straight to our gate and waited. About 10 minutes before boarding, we made a bathroom stop. I’d much rather not use the one on the plane if possible.

We were the first group called to board. Getting on the plane in the beginning was a non-event. The overhead in first class was already filling up, though. We had just enough space for our bags. I changed out of my work shoes into sandals for the flight. They had left blankets on our seats. Un like when I’ve been in first class before, the flight attendant did not offer us beverages before take off. We ran a few minutes late waiting for everyone to board and sit down. I sent out a message to let my family know I was getting ready to leave. Then, we took off. Nicki told me all about Marathon weekend and her trip to Walt Disney World over Christmas. Once we were cleared, the flight attendant came around with our dinner choice and to get our beverage order. The choice was chicken piccatta or some kind of artichoke ravioli. We both chose the chicken. She first brought a warm, wet cloth. Then she brought the drinks and warm nuts.

I was so hungry I devoured the nuts. My drink of choice for the flight was Amaretto and OJ. I figured I might as well take advantage of the free adult beverages. Nicki and I started watching a movie on my new Surface. It was actually nice. Our dinner came shortly after. With the chicken was some kind of salad, a seafood appetizer which was not bad, a roll, green beans, and some kind of rice.

Overall, it was a tasty meal. For dessert, we got cookies and cream ice cream.

I switched to water at that point.

When the movie was over, Nicki opted for a nap while I played some games and then read my Kindle. The flight attendant brought a package of savory snacks and refilled my water. Soon, the plane was landing. We actually touched down a few minutes early. We got to our gate and everything was looking good. People were ready to deplane, and then we waited… and waited… and waited. Finally the flight attendant and then the pilot in succession came on and told us the gate agent was having issues with the jetway and maintenance had been called. After at least 10 minutes, we were finally able to deplane. Remembering how long it took the luggage at Tinkerbell, we walked slow and made a bathroom stop. By the time we got to the baggage carousel, Nicki spotted her bag already passing by. It only took a couple minutes to get the rest of our bags. Then we headed out to find the Prime Time shuttle guy. He gave us our shuttle number and we sat to wait. The only bad part is we were close enough to a smoking area that the smoke did get to me and I had to move further down. We waited for about 30 minutes before the shuttle finally came. There was one person already on the shuttle. We made 2 more stops and were then completely full. The last people to get on board were a lady who appeared to be running this weekend, what I believe was her mom, and 2 small kids. One of the kids proceeded to cry non-stop for the first half of the ride. We drove into strange areas where we dropped off the first person in a neighborhood. We were the second drop off at Best Western Stovall’s Inn. We went to the front and the lady graciously allowed us to split the bill 3 ways and charge our 2 cards and wait on the third. We got our keys and made our way to the ground floor room. It was nicer than the room from Tinkerbell.

For the price, I don’t think you can beat it.

It also has free breakfast in the morning.

Nicki went over to fill her water bottle while I unpacked. She ran into Tara and they came back together. We chatted for a while and planned out our strategy for the Expo. I took a shower and washed my hair. Then we all got into bed about 11:30 PM.

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I am a mother of 2 that started running in 2012. I also enjoy baking and some crafts.
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  1. Naomi Chance says:

    excited to continue reading the rest of your story . . .

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