Star Wars Weekend – Friday (5k)

The alarm went off at 4:15 AM. Nicki and I got up and got ready for the race. We stopped by the breakfast area but could only get bananas. I decided to take my water bottle. We left the hotel about 4:45 AM.

When we got to the corrals, we were able to work our way to the front of B to meet Nicki’s friend.

There were only 3 corrals. They did a nice pre-race entertainment. We even got to see a sneak peek of the new movie that was scenes I haven’t seen anywhere else before. They had Mace Windoo giving us a pep talk. Then C3PO and R2D2 came out to officially start the race.

After the official start, our corral moved up to the front. We waited about 10 minutes and then we were off. We ran passed the parking structure and then turned right into the backstage area.

We came out in ToonTown. There were 2 Jedi Masters posing for photos. Mace Windoo was posing in front of Roger Rabbit. As we left ToonTown, there were 2 StormTroopers on the raised area by It’s a Small World.

We ran around the Big Thunder Mountain. Mile 1 was just before the left turn to take us to the center circle area.

The Mile markers for this were more like backdrops. I guess they learned that people like to take their pictures with them. Next we went right through the center and passed the castle. It is pretty even if it does seem a little small to those of us used to Walt Disney World.

We ran by Pixie Hollow and stayed to the right to go in front of the Matterhorn. Just on the other side of the Matterhorn was Chewbacca.

We didn’t stop since we had his picture from the night before. Darth Vader and a couple StormTroopers were just outside of Star Tours. The line was quite long, but we decided to wait.

He is the one picture I have never stopped for before. They did have tape lines on the ground to keep the line organized. I did noticed when we were about halfway through, it looked like they had cut off the line to new people. We ended up waiting about 20 minutes in line but never did see the pacers.

Then we came back out at the center circle and turned down Main Street. It is pretty all lit up.

We ran out of the front of Disneyland and turned left. The crowd was great all along the gates here. The first water stop was out in the bus drop off area.

The volunteers were extremely enthusiastic and encouraging. We ran around a very dark area and ended up at the bus entrance.

We went across and down the tunnel. They had this area outfitted with red lights and playing Darth Vader’s breathing.

The grade is rather steep so we walk up it. We went through a backstage area to get to California Adventure. We hit Mile 2 in this stretch.

There were 2 Jedis at the gate into the park.

We ran through Bugs Life and then across Carsland.

We turned and went up through the Pacific Wharf area.

We got to the waterfalls by Grizzly River Run and saw a character line. We decided to stop since there hadn’t been many. It turns out it was 2 characters from the new series, Clone Wars Rebels. Honestly, I don’t know who they are, but some fans were overjoyed to see them and I’m sure my son would have been, too. We only waited 5 minutes here and the cast member were doing a great job of moving the line along.

I don’t know why I’m leaning so far back, but the picture turned out great. The second water stop was in the Hollywood area just before we left the park out the front entrance.

There were a few people cheering us on as we turned left to Downtown Disney.

Mace Windoo was on the Downtown Disney stage encouraging us all.

Our roommate, Tara, was on the left side at about this point cheering us on.

She had her cowbell and everything. The Mile 3 marker was right in front of the ESPN Zone patio area.

Then we ran underneath the Hat.

We ran to the street and turned right. The finish was in sight.

There were a couple StormTroopers right before the finish. We walked a little ways passed the finish and people were putting medals around our necks.

Next came the volunteers handing out bottles of water and Powerade. I took one of each. We kept going through the refreshment tent.

They were out of Bananas, but we did get our box of goodies. Finally we came out into the Party/Family Reunion area.

There were a lot of good costumes.

We decided to head back towards the room thinking we would find Tara on the way. We did run into her not too far from the finish line. We went back to the room and showered. I decided to wear the 5k shirt and Hot Mama sparkle skirt with my 5k medal for the day. We had reservations for Storyteller’s at 9:30 AM for breakfast. We hung out in the room until 9. Then, we walked over to the Grand Californian hotel which is where the Storyteller’s Café lives. We waited a few minutes for Jamie to meet us. The floor of the lobby area was amazing.

The theming is also great, which is typical Disney.

There were 5 different characters that came around several times while we were eating, Meeko,

Chip, Dale,

and 2 bears from Brother Bear.

The breakfast is buffet style with an omelet station. The selection was pretty good.

Surprisingly, it was not that crowded. I’m guessing it was because it was Friday morning and most locals were still working and at school. After breakfast, we said goodbye to Jamie and headed to Disneyland. When we were almost there, Tara realized she left her ticket in the room. We went ahead inside to wait for her and meet up with another person. She found us almost immediately. Since we needed to wait for Tara before getting any fast passes, we decided to watch Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln. I really enjoyed it last time and Nicki hadn’t seen it before. Tara got back to the park as we were exiting. We exited right into Cruella DeVille. We decided to wait in line for her.

Tara was waiting in line for Goofy in the middle circle area. Once we got our pictures made with Cruella, we worked our way up to Tara. The character interaction is great. I pointed out to Goofy that I had on my new Goofy shoes and her bent down to kiss my feet. We got a good group picture and then moved on.

We decided to get fast passes for Indiana Jones. We passed the Dole Whip booth and decided to stop for a snack.

While we were eating, we walked over to Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. We waited for one person to get something else to eat. As we were waiting, the line went beyond the queue. We were standing to the side when a man and son went to enter. We told them the line started down the street. Another girl who was there looked at us and said you don’t have to wait there. It all merges here. We were so taken aback by that statement that none of us said anything for a minute. Who sees a line outside the queue and thinks they don’t have to wait in it? The man and son thanked us and walked to the back. I really think they were just looking for the attraction and didn’t notice the line. Shortly after that, our friend returned. We got at the end of the line. The line did move pretty quickly. I really enjoyed this coaster.

Afterwards, we walked past the Haunted Mansion which still had the Nightmare Before Christmas facade.

The ride itself was closed to remove the Christmas things. We had a little more time before our Fast Passes were good, so we rode the train on a full circle. There are some nice dioramas along the Disneyland train route.

Once we got off, we rode Indiana Jones. This ride always makes me think off my friend, Heidi. Then, we decided to try our luck getting into the Fantasy Faire show on standby. We did have to wait until just before showtime to get in. They did find us a place for all 4 of us to sit together, though. This was probably the most entertaining Frozen themed conversion. The comedy is not to be missed.

There were no line for the Princesses that live near the show, so we went in and met them. We got to meet Belle, Cinderella, and Snow White. When we were walking out, Merida was there with a short line. So, we got our pictures made with her, too.

Then we went to the Mickey’s Magical Map show. I was hungry so I got some pretzel bites and a drink while we were waiting. The show is well put together and entertaining.

You can bring food and drinks in this one. From there, we went to It’s a Small World.

This is normally my nemesis, but I decided I needed to ride it once at Disneyland. Also, it was still set up in the Christmas theme.

That did make all the difference. At that point, we were all worn out. We decided to go back to the room and eat at CoCo’s right next to the hotel. We were all so sleepy that people might have thought we were drunk. I know I started laughing uncontrollably at one point. I got a dinner of Parmesan crusted chicken, mashed potatoes, and a salad.

It was very tasty and their pies sounded amazing. Unfortunately, we were all full and too tired to partake in dessert. So, we went back to the room and prepared for the 10k the next day. All 3 off us were running. We set out all our things and set alarms. we fell asleep almost immediately.

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  1. Naomi Chance says:

    Love all the pics!

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