Star Wars Weekend – Saturday (10k)

Tara’s alarm went off 15 minutes before the rest of us. She takes a while to get ready. Once those 15 minutes passed, I got up and got ready. Today’s outfit was easy… it was a R2D2 tank top with a Sparkle Skirt.

Once we were all ready, we headed over to the breakfast area. There was almost nothing out. Apparently the person laying out the breakfast was running late. Just as we were about to leave, she showed up and put out the bagels. We watched where she got them from just in case we needed to know the next day. Once we had our bagels and drinks, we walked to the corrals. For the 10k, we were in D. We went looking for Jamie, but didn’t find her yet. We did get almost to the front of D. Unfortunately, in D we could not see one of the screens.

Once it hit a certain time and I want to say 5 AM, they cranked up the volume and we could here what was going on in the back corrals. I was glad I had been in B for the 5k so I had seen the movie preview already. The people in the back corrals never got a chance to see it. I texted Jamie with our location in the corral and she did end up finding us. Just before start time, they played the national anthem. Then, the first corral was off. We all slowly walked forward behind the rope people.

Once again the droids did the official send off.

We were on our way.

This time we ran on the roads all the way around Disneyland.

We hit the Mile 1 marker shortly after turning right onto Harbor.

We turned in towards the bus drop off area.

Then we ran through the tunnel from the 5k.

The red lights and Darth Vader breathing were playing. We entered backstage areas where we got to the first water stop.

We came out at the security check on the bus stop side. We ran through those and turned right towards Disneyland.

There were some spectators along the rails here. We entered Disneyland through the front entrance. We veered to the right and onto Main Street.

Nicki stopped at the first bathroom and told us to go ahead. We got to Mile 2 in the center circle.

We turned left into Frontierland.

Chewbacca was in front of the Riverboat.

We veered right around Big Thunder Mountain.

I then stopped at a bathroom around the other side.

We ran through Fantasyland as the sun was rising behind the Matterhorn.

We ran passed Alice in Wonderland. We came out by the castle.

I took a castle selfie.

I think I caught up to Tara at this point. We turned left into Tomorrowland.

Custodial has signs all over. I was able to get a good picture here.

Darth Vader and was here to take pictures.

A couple StormTroopers were walking the area behind him.

We decided not to stop in the line. Once we got passed, Tara said something about stopping. I told her We could do back if she wanted, but she decided again it. We ran by the Matterhorn on the opposite side.

We ran by It’s a Small World and exited to the backstage to the right.

Nicki caught up to us in here somewhere. We got to Mile 3 in the backstage area after taking a left turn.

We passed the first medical area.

Then came the second water stop.

More custodial staff were cheering us on in this section.

We ran all the way around the side of Disneyland in the backstage area passing many working buildings most people never see.

We passed some transportation vehicles and their drivers.

Then we came out on the outside of security on the Downtown Disney side.

There were quite a few spectators in the area.

We ran through security and into the front entrance to California Adventure.

Mile 4 was just inside the front entrance.

We ran around the circle and passed a trolley.

Then we ran towards the Frozen area and Aladdin show.

At the end of the street were the 2 characters from the Clone Wars Rebels.

We didn’t stop since we got a good picture during the 5k and Tara didn’t care to stop. We turned right towards the Tower of Terror.

We continued into Bug’s Land.

Then we ran by the front entrance to Carsland.

We headed towards Paradise Pier.

We saw a line and discovered it was for Boba Fett. We immediately decided to jump in line for that one. We ended up waiting a little over 10 minutes for that picture.

I attempted a selfie here.

We turned left onto the bridge by Ariel’s Grotto.

We ran around and down to the Midway area.

A couple Jedis were posing for pictures here.

We ran out of the parks into a backstage area just passed the end of the roller coaster tracks. The third and final water stop was in this stretch.

We did encounter many employees cheering us on backstage. I loved that this guy obvious grabbed what he could find to make a last minute sign.

We ran back around to Carsland.

Mile 5 was in this area.

After crossing through Carsland, we ran backstage.

After running through the big, green gates, we were in the old parking area.

We ran all the way around the edge of California Adventure on this.

We turned right and ended up coming out at Disneyland drive by Paradise Pier.

Mile 6 was just across the street.

We ran around the Paradise Pier hotel. We turned right on the road that goes in front of the Disneyland hotel.

Eventually, we were on the same stretch for the finish as the 5k. They had one last sign at 100m.

Then the finish was in sight.

The StormTroopers were right by the finish line.

We walked a little ways and the volunteers put the medals around our necks.

Then came the water and Powerade bottles. Finally, the refreshment tent with boxes and bananas.

We got to the party area as the final lady was finishing the race (on the big screen).

She was escorted by the StormTroopers. This couple had a very cute and inventive outfit.

She was a very pregnant Amidala and he was her OB/GYB Kenobi. My official finish time was 1:49. We headed back to our room to shower and change. Nicki had worn her first Sparkle Skirt for the 10k. She liked it so much, she decided to go back to the Expo to get one for the half. So, once we were all ready, we went back to the Expo. Tara even joined in on the Sparkle Skirt fun.

I think I created two new Sparkle Skirt lovers. Today was California Adventure day. We went in and immediately got fast passes for Radiator Springs Racers. They weren’t until later that night. We walked by the Midway Mania, but it was quite busy. So, we decided we were all hungry and stopped to eat on the other side of the Silly Symphony Swings. I got a Pesto Ravioli and a souvenir cup of soda.

I figured it had a handle and would be easier for carrying water than the bottle I had. The ravioli was awesome! We then made a pit stop and I called home.

Since it was right there, we rode Goofy’s Sky School.

The line was relatively short and went quickly. Next, we went back to Midway Mania and decided to wait.

It was about a 40 minutes wait. We caught Sailor Donald with almost no line on our way to the front.

We stopped for a few pictures. Then, Tara went to Disneyland while Nicki and I went to our Facebook group meetups. Both we in the picnic area just outside of security. I was only officially part of the first one so I mostly hung out with those people while the very rowdy second meetup was happening. I’m so glad I got to meetup with some of my Facebook friends, new and those I’ve been talking to for a while, especially Mere, Krystina, and Eric. We had very late lunch reservations at Ariel’s Grotto.

We were meeting up with Tara and a couple friends of hers. We got there first. Tara was only about 5 minutes behind us. We checked in knowing the other 2 were stuck in traffic and running late. They didn’t have any issues with seating us before they got there. Since we were seated earlier, Nicki, Tara, and I got our picture made with Ariel. Then we were seated inside. The outside was kind of blocked off due to the renovations to World of Color. During the meal, we saw Rapunzel,

Snow White,

and Cinderella.

I loved the theming in the restaurant. Some of the lights looked like jellyfish.

For the first course, I got the salad.

I also decided to splurge and get the Magic Star Cocktail. It was amazing and served with a glow cube which made it even more fun!

For the entree, I got the catch of the day which I think was some kind of Mahi with a mango chutney.

Dessert was a trio.

There was Creme Brulee, a smores thing that was very yummy, and a chocolate covered strawberry. All the dessert were great. When we left, it was time for our fast passes. We had a blast riding and timed holding up our medals during the picture. Although, my hair is crazy due to the winds. Next we rode the baby tractors (Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree).

Nicki and I decided to call it a night since we would be running the half the next morning. Tara stayed longer with her friends. Nicki and I did stop for a hand dipped ice cream bar on the way out.

They were worth it. We got back to the room and layed everything out. Then we dropped into bed until the alarms went off.

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I am a mother of 2 that started running in 2012. I also enjoy baking and some crafts.
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