Star Wars Weekend – Monday (half) – lots of pictures

The alarm went off and we got up. Tara was still sleeping but we didn’t seem to bother her at first. She did end up talking to us before we left. We went to the breakfast area and the food was out already. We picked up some things and walked to Corral D.

We were able to get up to the front again. I found Mere and her group of friends. We didn’t see Jamie anywhere. She did text me the day before that she was able to finish the 10k and still felt good. I enjoyed hanging out with Mere and chatting. Once again, we couldn’t hear much until the sound was turned up. Also, as far back as we were, we couldn’t see any screens. At some point, they did a short tribute to Peggy Sue which we could only hear bits and pieces of. Shortly before start time, they had a lady sing the national anthem. Then the first Corral started. We slowly worked our way forward.

Finally, we were at the stage.

This time, we had no droid send off. We did get a May the Force Be With You on the big screen, though.

We ran passed the parking decks and into the backstage areas of Disneyland.

We turned right on Ball Road.

Then we turned right into what I think must be cast member parking.

They had several projected images on the walls of the buildings.

We ran passed the Performing Arts building.

Third shift custodial was cheering us on.

They were right by the Mile 1 marker.

These mile markers were different than the ones during the 5k and 10k. It was pretty dark in the backstage areas.

There is a stop sign that is surrounded by lights.

There was another projected ship.

Then we got to the first water stop.

A projected Death Star was here.

Soon, we were running by the transportation area and a couple drivers cheering us on.

Then we left the backstage area.

We ran around to the left toward the Disneyland front entrance.

There were spectators in this area. We ran through the front entrance and around to the left onto Main Street.

This is the opposite direction from the 10k. We ran towards the castle down Main Street.

We veered left and got to the Mile 2 marker.

Then, we entered Frontierland. Luke and Leia were posing by the riverboat.

We continued around to the right. We ran passed the Big Thunder Ranch.

We ran around and into Fantasyland just as the sun was rising behind the Matterhorn.

The Storm Troopers were keeping watch at the carousel.

We ran passed Alice in Wonderland.

Chewbacca was posing on the left just after the walls.

I think we stopped for the bathrooms here. Custodial was giving out high 4s.

We ran into Tommorrowland.

Darth Vader and a couple Storm Troopers were hanging out in front of Star Tours.

Then we ran through an area of Tommorrowland that led us backstage again.

This area looks like a bunch of windows maybe for paycheck or costume distribution.

Yet another custodial sign and group cheering us on.

The medical station that had pump bottles of BioFreeze.

We ran back onstage to the main circle with Town Hall.

Then we ran out the front entrance.

We turned to the left towards the bus drop off. There were a lot of spectators here, some with great signs.

Then we ran down the dark pathway (which wasn’t so dark this time).

We got to Mile 3 just before we emerged at the bus area.

Then we ran down the tunnel with Darth Vader’s breathing.

We ran (walked) up the other side. It’s steeper than it looks.

We hit the 5k mark backstage.

There were some port-o-potties in this area. We ran around and into the gates by Tower of Terror. There was a water stop just before the gates.

There were a couple Jedi posing inside.

There was also a cable car parked.

We ran towards the Frozen area and then turned left.

In this area, we stopped to take a picture with a Gamorrean Guard.

We were happy to find a character we didn’t already have a picture with. We turned left at the front entrance.

There were a couple Storm Troopers posing by the waterfall.

We ran by the Carsland entrance.

We continued on to Paradise Pier.

We kept running around by Goofy’s Sky School. A couple more Jedi were here.

We went backstage at this point. The cast members were all getting into the spirit this morning.

We got to Mile 4 just before re-entering the park.

We ran through some gates and into Carsland.

I can’t begin to tell you how awesome this area is.

It looks like a complete backdrop, doesn’t it?

They did have the Radiator Springs racers going (without riders) as we ran by.

More Storm Troopers were posing at the end of Bugs Land.

We exited the park into the backstage area.

Here we encountered the third water stop. We made a couple more turns and exited the park onto Harbor Blvd.

We were on this road for about 2 1/2 miles. During that time, we passed the Castle Inn.

We saw some of the lead runners coming back up Harbor Blvd almost to Mile 12.

We got to the Mile 5 marker.

I think our friend, Cindy was cheering around the Mile 5 marker. There was a band in this area.

It might have been a couple bands.

The color guard was last.

The Free Hugs Chewy was next.

The spectators had some great signs.

The police were out and doing a great job.

Another band was on a corner.

This group of spectators all had good signs.

Finally we got to Mile 6.

There was a medical station.

Then a water stop.

Soon we hit the 10k mark.

Several groups of cheerleaders and color guard were in this area urging us on.

There was a energizing band in the middle.

More cheerleaders and bands.

Then we got to a few port-o-potties.

We finally turned right on Garden Grove Blvd.

We hit Mile 7 shortly after this turn.

We knew the 501st would be coming up soon by a park. We turned onto 9th.

I loved this lady’s shirt.

We turned left on Stanford.

Here we found the Cliff Shot area.

After that was a water stop.

Then we got to the first group of cosplayers. This guy was a convincing older Obi-Wan.

In the middle of this group was Mile 8.

One of them had a great car.

We turned left onto Euclid at the car. I decided to get my picture with the black Storm Trooper.

We turned right onto Acadia.

At this point, we were afraid we had passed all the cosplayers and were disappointed. We turned left onto Main Street. This was a cobblestone street which presented its own challenges but was pretty. Elvis was waiting for us.

This interesting van was blasting some themed music that I highly appreciated.

We turned right onto Garden Grove Blvd.

After a block, we turned right again onto Grove Ave.

There was a band here.

There was also a lone spectator in great costume.

There was another band on the opposite site of the spectator.

Then were a few port-o-potties.

We turned right onto Acadia and then left onto Main Street.

You can see all the runner behind us.

Shortly after this turn we saw the 501st.

We knew we would spend a lot of time taking pictures here.

This guy didn’t realize I wanted his picture.

He was directing the line for Darth Vader.

After the picture with Queen Amidala, we saw the balloon ladies.

We decided we’d better not stop of more pictures and just do run by ones.

We did stop one more time for C3PO because he was just awesome.

He even had the voice thing going. These guys (and gals) are awesome and the costumes were amazing.

We crossed an intersection and hit Mile 9.

Then came a water stop.

What looks to be a sweeper bus was waiting by some port-o-potties.

We passed the 15k mark.

Then we turned right onto Chapman.

These 2 bike people were medics but did get some people scared.

We got to Mile 10 just before another water stop.

We had gained some ground and I knew I wouldn’t be able to make it to the end.

There were a bank of port-o-potties with no wait.

So, we made a quick stop. There were some firemen out.

We passed another medical station.

The Grand Hyatt was just before the next water stop.

There were more cheerleaders and a band.

I loved the Bacon Vader with eggs.

Just after them, we turned left onto Harbor. We thought maybe the large bus was a sweeper vehicle. Mile 11 was just after the turn.

The was a bicycle pacer but we were a couple minutes ahead of pace. It’s hard to see in the picture, but the palm-lined street leading to the mountains in the distance was beautiful.

At this point, my cell phone died. I guess I took too many pictures along the way. The rest of the race pictures are courtesy of Nicki. She was nice enough to take one every time I asked (which was often). Soon we came to a group of cheerleaders.

There were actually 2 different groups.

Soon we came upon the flags in the middle of the road.

We turned left on Katella. Right after the turn was Mile 12.

Then came the last water stop.

We ran past the convention center and then turned tight on Disneyland Drive. I loved these 2 spectators and their signs.

You can actually see our hotel in the background of this picture. We heard Tara just around the corner in the median. She is a great spectator.

We turned left just before Paradise Pier.

We ran a big U in the parking lot spurred on by lots of cheerleaders.

And more cheerleaders.

There was also a band.

We ran on the roads in front of the Disneyland hotel.

Finally we got to Mile 13.

There were lots of spectators along the railing in this area. Soon we could see the finish.

The Storm Troopers were just before it. Nicki got a picture of Storm Trooper Donald.

I’ll admit, I never even noticed him. My official finish time was 3:41:52. We kept walking and got a half medal hung on our neck. Then we went to the Rebel Challenge area. They looked up our bib number to check our picture. I got the Rebel Challenge and Nicki got the Rebel Challenge and Coast to Coast.

I will get my Coast to Coast after Princess. I had carried my 10k medal in my pocket so I pulled that out and put it on. We each grabbed a water and PowerAde. We waited in line for the post-race picture with the Rebel Challenge background. We decided to also get a picture with the half background since it was a short line. Then we walked through the refreshment tent and got our box of goodies. We knew Tara would be waiting for us so we walked through the after party area. We saw the last person finish as we walked by the area behind the finish. Tara found us before we got to Downtown Disney. We went back to the room to shower, change, and pack. We had to check out before our lunch at Goofy’s Kitchen. I had time to charge my phone before we left. We left our bags at the front desk and then headed to the Disneyland Hotel.

Once we got there, we made our way to Goofy’s Kitchen.

This must be one of the most popular places to eat. There were people waiting everywhere. We checked in and went to sit at the bar area.

We weren’t even there long enough to get a drink before they called our name. We all gathered together for a picture with Goofy. Then we were lead to our table next to a wall. We ended up pulling a small table up with ours since they didn’t give us enough table space for five people. This is a buffet with lunch and breakfast food.
The food was all pretty good.

The characters come around to our table and interact and take pictures.

We all took of our medals while we were eating so most of the character pictures don’t have medals.

When we were done, we hung out for a while. Soon, we decided we better leave if Tara was going to get any park time. We headed to the bathrooms. I was one of the first ones out. Soon, Meredith came out pinching her nose and asking for a nurse. She was having a severe nose bleed. Everyone around was very good to help with bags of ice from the bar and towels. The security guard came and stood with us while we waited. Soon the nurse came. I should say, the playoff game was on the TV in the bar. The nurse was happy to be able to catch a glimpse of it while she helped out. She looked at Meredith and decided it was already correcting. Meredith and Cindy decided to go back to their room. By this time, Tara had to head back to the hotel to catch her ride to the airport. Nicki and I went on to Disneyland. We decided to catch the monorail in Downtown Disney to save some of the walk and get one more thing checked off on my list.

It drops off in Tomorrowland. We went straight back to ToonTown so Nicki could get a picture with Mickey and her year’s worth of runDisney medals. Before we got in line, I grabbed a Fast Pass for Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin. That was one of the few rides I hadn’t been on yet. We went into Mickey’s house and got in line for a Meet & Greet. It was less than 30 minutes when we finally went in to see Mickey. I helped Nicki arrange all her medals. The character interaction was great. Even the cameraman was friendly. After Nicki got a picture, I posed for one with all my Star Wars medals. Then they had us do one together. When we were done, I still had time before my fast pass. So, we headed to the castle. Nicki wanted one more picture there. Unfortunately, the parade was in process. So, there were no PhotoPass photographers. We waited about 20 minutes for them to come out and then another 10 for them to get everything set up. Nicki took a picture and then I got mine. I went back to use my Fast Pass while Nicki packed up all her medals. I waited maybe 5 minutes in the fast pass line. It was a cute ride and did not spin as much as I thought it would. I checked the Gadget coaster, but the line was too long. While I was in ToonTown, Nicki was getting our Goofy pictures on the PhotoPass. Their computer system was down while we were there. When I made it back to the PhotoPass area (which is on the end of Main Street), she was just finishing up. We decided to head towards Alice in Wonderland since she hadn’t ridden that one before. The line was quite long so we decided to go over to Mr. Toad first. The line there said 30 minutes, but it was probably closer to 15. This was just like the one that used to be at Magic Kingdom before Pooh took its place. I loved that ride and still do. After that, we got in the Alice line. Even though it looks long, it moves pretty quick. Luckily, we got a car to ourselves. We each had our own seat. They have updated this ride. I think it still keeps to the original feel but with some nice additions. It has the feel of the old time fair rides. The unique part is it goes up a level and come outside for a bit. It was during that part that Meredith and Cindy came to meet us. We got to wave at them. When it was over, we met up with them just outside the line. After about 5 minutes, a cast member approached us and asked if we wanted to go on the ride. We looked at each other and Nicki decided she was fine riding it again. They brought us up the handicap area. I think they were training a new person. They put all 4 of us in one car. It was a little tight, but we fit. We all had a blast riding it. By that time, it was time for Nicki and me to say goodbye and head back to the hotel. We got our bags from the front desk. I plugged in my phone to charge since it was about dead again. It was only 10 or 15 minutes and then our shuttle from PrimeTime showed up. We stopped at one more hotel nearby to pick up a person. Then we went to the airport. We arrived almost 2 hours early. We waited a while in the first class line to check our bags. Finally, they put a worker over at our counter. I decided to use the TSA pre-check line this time and meet Nicki on the other side. It was actually moving rather slowly. I got through only about 5 minutes before Nicki. We found our gate and had well over an hour. We were both hungry so we decided to find a place to eat dinner. We ended up at a little diner with a large seating area. They food was typical diner but decent. When we finished, we headed back to the gate. The seating area was full, so we stood in the walkway area well back from the gate. People had already lined up in the boarding area. Even thought the gate agent made announcements to clear the area, no one moved. One lady tried to line up in front of us. I must a sound that had her ask me our boarding zone. We were Zone 1, First Class. So, she went behind us. They announced pre-boarding. Shortly after, They announced our zone,. Much to my surprise, we had to excuse ourselves past 2 men that were still in the boarding zone inside the roped off area. It amazes me how rude and uncooperative people can be. Once we sat down, the flight attendant got us drinks. We made ourselves comfortable since we planned on sleeping during this red-eye flight. I changed from my sandals into slipper socks. Once we were finally loaded, we pulled away from the gate. Overall, the flight was uneventful. I got up one time to use the bathroom. It was a little bumpy, but not overly so. I did wake up in time to get offered a snack. I chose a banana. We did not get offered a boxed breakfast before we left the plane. We arrived just about on time. We made our way to the baggage area to get our checked bags. We waited for a little while but not as long as I was expecting. Once we had our bags, we went outside to catch the Park ‘n Go shuttle. We didn’t have to wait long at all. The shuttle was nice and warm. The driver was friendly. They dropped me off before Nicki. We said goodbye and I headed back home. Overall, it was a great weekend. I did enjoy being there for the whole weekend and participating in everything. If I didn’t live across the country, I would definitely do it again. For now, I will only go back if they ever add an East Coast Star Wars and so some kind of Coast to Coast challenge. I won’t totally rule out an anniversary year, though.

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