Princess Thursday – Getting there

I left work at 2 PM to head to the airport. I had packed the night before and had my bags in the car. I had pre-paid for my parking at Park ‘n’ Go again. I had no problem getting there or finding a parking space. The bus pulled up behind me as I got the last bag out of my car. The nice driver loaded my bags and I got on board. I can’t say enough good things about this place! When I got to the airport, my flight was on time. Due to the weather, many flights were delayed or cancelled the day before and more were delayed that day. I was glad my flight was not one of them. I checked my bag at the counter and headed to the TSA pre-check line. I ended up walking all the way down to E. I knew everything ended up in the same place so it didn’t matter. I had all my Star Wars medals in a Ziplock bag in my carry on. The TSA guys did have to check these out before letting me go. I was so anxious and excited about this trip that I was not at all hungry despite only having a bread bowl of soup for lunch.

I went straight to the gate and found a seat. Soon, I started talking to the nice older lady next to me. Another ended up sitting on the other side of me. I had a great conversation with these 2 older ladies each married over 50 years. The first one I was talking to had a lot of anxiety about being able to navigate the airport by herself since she normally travelled with her husband. She was meeting her sister in Orlando. I was so involved in the conversation, that it was time to board before I made a bathroom break. I didn’t want to abandon my new friends since they wanted my help. So, at 4:50 PM we all boarded with Zone 2. The ladies knew nothing about boarding by zone so I’m glad I could help out. I ended up having a nice couple headed to Daytona next to me. I figured this was going to be a great flight with them. Then, at the last minute a group going to Princess boarded. I’m not sure what was going on with their day, but one was having a really bad day and dropping f-bombs. Myself and the couple next to me were a little taken aback since we were on a flight to Orlando that obviously had small kids. The lady even identified herself as a teacher. I guess my manners are very different from hers.

Since I missed my pre-flight bathroom visit, I was nearly busting by the time the captain let us move about the cabin. One person beat me to the bathroom, but I jumped in next. It was a long, much needed break. The rest of the flight went well. We landed on time which was great since Jamie was waiting. I had taken my tiara out of my carry on and put it in the seat pocket so it didn’t get bent in the overhead. I decided to put it on before deplaning. The first older lady waited for me in the gate area to lead her. I made sure to show her how to get back to her gate for her return as we made our way to baggage claim. Jamie surprised me before we descended to baggage claim. Since she already had her bag, she took the elevator while we took the escalator. We met back up with her a the last carousel. I got lady’s bag and mine since she told me about her bad back. At that point, we said goodbye to lady knowing her sister was waiting for her outside.

Jamie and I made our way to the Magical Express. They confirmed my info and got Jamie’s return flight. We got straight on the bus which had Disney Cruise line on it. I called my husband to let him know everything was okay and talk to the kids before bed. It was just before 7 PM. We waited for a few more people to board. I let me parents know we were on our way. The bus first stopped at Old Key West. Then it continued to Saratoga Springs. Finally, we got to the Port Orleans French Quarter.

This is my first time staying at this part of the resort. The last 2 princesses I stayed at Port Orleans Riverside. I met my parents in lobby. We then went to the concierge to check in since I hadn’t received a text with a room number yet. We found out online check in never registered. I’m guessing it somehow crashed at the end and I never realized it. We reconnected our credit cards and set up pins. We then got our room number (4221).

It turns out we were in the building right next to the lobby on the food court side.

The walk was short but made longer with the need to use the elevator. My parents walked with us. My mom had made the buttons which I would use for names for the group meetup. She also brought a balloon to help everyone find us. They talked a few minutes then left. They both had to work the next day and they knew we were wiped.

I unpacked and we went to food court. We were both hungry since neither of us was able to eat much on the way. We got refillable mugs. I decided on chicken alfredo, brownie, chocolate milk (for the morning).

The chocolate milk was Jamie’s brilliant idea since we get a drink with the meal plan. While we were eating, we got beads from staff walking around. I will say the atmosphere even in the food court is nicer than I thought it would be. The food court is considerably smaller on this side, but it has a good variety of food. When we finished eating, we went back to room. We spent an hour putting names on buttons but soon grew too tired. We headed to bed thinking we would finish things up in the morning.

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I am a mother of 2 that started running in 2012. I also enjoy baking and some crafts.
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