Princess Saturday – 10k

The alarm went off at 3 am. We were both up and ready quickly. Jamie helped me with the hair extension and braid for Elsa.

I had my Peggy Sue tribute bib on my back.

I had a lot of people approach me to talk about her. We walked to front to get on first set of buses at 3:30 am. Once we got off the bus, I put on the emergency blanket I packed to keep warm. Jamie got coffee and a banana from the stand. I ate a Clif mini-bar (that was in the shirt bag) on the bus. Since there was no race retreat, we went to the DJ area and proceeded to dance.

I actually made it into a runDisney picture.

We went to the corrals when announcers took over and said we had 30 minutes.

I said goodbye to Jamie since she was one corral back, I was in Corral C.

The start was to right this time. I’m pretty sure it was the opposite last year. I talked to some people while waiting. Soon, it was time to get started. We watched Corral A walk by headed to the start. Shortly after, the National Anthem was sung. Soon, the fireworks went off for Corral A.

One more set, and then we were moving. We made our way to the starting area.

Before long, we were off!

We ran through the EPCOT parking lot and the wrong way through the parking booths. Then, we got to Mile 1.

We ran the same route as last year making almost a U-turn onto the ramp. At this turn was the White Rabbit again. There were only a few people waiting and I loved the card people backdrop. So, I stopped.

About where Pocahontas was last year, I saw a huge line. I decided I didn’t want to stop for that one. It was Tinkerbell and her sister.

We continued down the street and came to the first water stop.

Next came Mile 2.

They had a big screen playing music clips along the road.

We veered right off the main road. Eventually, we got to Mile 3.

We turned right into the backstage area of EPCOT.

We went past the guard hut.

Where the toy soldiers were last year, I found Mardi Gras guys on stilts. No one was stopping. So, I got a picture.

We ran by the Entertainment building which was another one of my old haunts.

I was in a Christmas show for 3 years on the stage in front of American Adventure. Soon we were running between Norway and China to emerge in the park.

We turned left and immediately got to a water stop.

The sun was rising and many were stopping for pictures.

I passed a line of people with no character in Italy. I would later learn in was Jiminy Cricket. I was not about to stop when I couldn’t even see the character. Mile 4 was just before Japan.

Marie was in France again, but she also had a bit of a line.

Then we turned on the International gateway towards boardwalk.

In this area I noticed the longest line yet for Princess Minnie.

As I entered the boardwalk, I could see the speedier people returning.

Sports Donald was in front of the ESPN area.

Then we got to a water stop.

There were many people in the boardwalk area cheering. We got to Mile 5 in front of the Yacht Club.

I had a great view from the Beach Club.

We ran back by Princess Minnie and the line was even longer if that’s possible.

Since you run on both sides and there was no timing mat in the boardwalk area, I wonder how many people got in line for Minnie and when they were done just cut out the loop. I’m too much of a rules follower to ever do that, but I can see how it could happen. We ran backstage around Untied Kingdom and Canada.

There was a DJ with large Mickey hands for picture ops in this area.

We came out by Imagination as the sun was rising.

We ran by the Living Seas before turning towards the ball.

Just before the corridor was Future Goofy. His line was fairly short and I knew he would be the last character, so I stopped.

We cut backstage on the other side of the ball, same as the half. Mile 6 was in the backstage area.

Then we came out in the parking area and the spectators were there.

We could see the finish line.

I ran through. I continued on to get the medal placed around my neck.

Then grabbed a blanket thinking I might need it in the morning.

I got a picture here. I then grabbed a water and powerade. I continued on to take the official finishers picture. Then we got our food boxes and bananas. The selection in the food box this year was very good. Much better than last year in my opinion. 

I had no checked bag, so I took the no bag route to the reunion area. After I made my way out into the reunion area, I waited in line for Tiana. She was by the stage the DJ had used pre-race. Snow White was on the other side, but her line was HUGE!  When I was almost to Tiana, I got message from Nicki that Cindy and Meredith were coming to find me. Once I was done getting my picture, I waited by the bleachers.

Nicki came!

I was so happy to see her. Robert and his mom found us, too. It was great talking with all of them and telling Nicki about the course this year. I got a text with Jamie’s finishing time. So, a talked for a few more minutes and then went to bus. Jamie was in the room when I got back. I showered and got ready. Then Jamie got ready. We stopped by the front desk to check for printer so I could print out an alphabetized list. The gave me an email address and told me to sent it to that person and they would print it for me. So, I went back to room and mailed the alphabetized list. I waited for a few minutes back in the lobby and then asked someone. They went and got the sheets. We walked to Riverside and left the list in an envelope for Naomi so she could put it with the goodies box that was in her name. Then we caught bus to Animal Kingdom. We noticed TVs with times for each bus coming. It became a game to see which bus would get there first. We really liked having the TVs. Once at Animal Kingdom, we went straight to Everest.

The standby line was 40 min long.

We both enjoyed the ride. At the end, I used my MagicBand on the ride photo.

They have a great system now. Each car has its own monitor with a Mickey head thing below it. You just tap your Magic Band on the picture you want. It was well after noon and we were starving, so went to Restaurantosaurus for lunch. There was a little line, but it did move quickly. They did a great job with cast members monitoring the line and keeping it moving. After we ordered, we found plenty of tables available. I got a bacon cheeseburger, fries, a drink, and a chocolate mousse for dessert.

Since we were on the dining plan, dessert is included. The food was good and the dessert was awesome. Afterwards, we headed to bus for the Studios.

We got to Rock n Roller coaster and found out it was down.

We could use the fast pass on a list of attractions or later on that one if it was up. We decided to wait. We had a little bit before our next fast pass, so we went to Animation Studio. This was the place I worked at a long time ago, when it was a working studio. It is so much different. We saw Mr. Incredible and Beymax taking pictures here.

They did have the Oscar on display, so we waited and got our picture with it.

There was also a picture opportunity with Sorcerer Mickey.

We decided to watch the last movie. When I worked there, it was a bunch of clips of Disney animated movies that was really good. Now, it’s the explanation of how parts of the movies are made starring Eddie Murphy as Mushu. That movie (in a very different form) had been the first movie featuring Walter Cronkite and Robin Williams. I also missed that film. I believe that theater is now the place where you can draw with the animators. We headed over to Star Tours for our fast pass. We were a little early, so we watched some of the Jedi training academy. This one used the stage for smaller kids and the ground for the older ones. We stayed long enough to see Darth Vader on top and Darth Maul on ground for battles. Then we used our Fast Pass. It was a great ride but Jamie had major issues with no air flow. It did bug me but not as much. At that point, it was almost time for our early dinner reservation (at 4). We went to the 50s Prime Time Café.

I called home to see how everyone was doing. Then we checked in. We had a short wait and then were seated on a  2-person table beside a TV.

The waiter in room beside ours was amazing and we enjoyed listening in on their antics. The food looked and smelled great, but we were still full and Jamie was not doing well. I ordered the Chicken Pot Pie, Root Beer Float, and the Brownie Sundae.

We couldn’t believe it, but the Root Beer Float here is considered a drink on the dining plan. I knew the Chicken Pot Pie would make my husband jealous. By the time the dessert came, we were both tired.

We ended up getting to go boxes for dessert. We decided to skip our fast passes for the Frozen sing a long and opted to go straight back to the room and go to bed. I got a message from my secret princess that my gift had been delivered. When we got off the bus, we stopped at the front desk to check. They told us it had been delivered to our room. I didn’t even know you could do that. When we opened the door, it was waiting on the table.

Once back at the room, we set out things for the half and reset our alarm for 30 minutes earlier. We were both asleep by 7:30 PM and once again slept hard.

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I am a mother of 2 that started running in 2012. I also enjoy baking and some crafts.
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