Princess Sunday Part 3 – Post-Half

We decided to take a short rest before going to the parks. We both changed into swimming suits and went to pool for about 15 minutes. This was the best, most comfortable ice bath ever. Our muscles loved us for it. We went back to the room and I showered. Then I checked my messages using the free WiFi while Jamie took a nap. Once Jamie was getting ready, I gathered all the things I would need. Here are all my medals from Princess weekend.

I used the mesh back they gave us and threw in a bottle of water, the Glass Slipper jacket, all my Star Wars medals, and the Princess 10k and half medals. I wore the Glass Slipper Challenge and Coast to Coast medals. I did use a safety pin to shorten the Glass Slipper medal so it hung above the Coast to Coast. We went to the bus stop to wait for the Magic Kingdom bus. We were waiting for a while and I noticed our bus stop did not have the monitor with the approximate times on them. I really think those should be at every resort lobby bus stop. I started getting a little sore. Luckily, another lady had some Advil and offered a couple to me. Thank goodness I had the bottle of water to take them. The bus finally arrived and we went to Magic Kingdom.

We went right to Town Hall hoping to get our Fast Passes fixed. Except for one, Jamie had completely different Fast Passes even though she had copied mine. I guess she waited long enough that the ones I had were no longer available. After waiting a short amount, we talked to a very nice guy who I think was named Lucas.

He was very friendly and did a little magic on his computer. He scanned my band and then Jaime’s. When he was done, Jamie had Fast Passes for all my attractions that could be used at the same time. He was our hero! We decided to head to the Dole Whip meetup of the Princess Posse. We did stop for pictures with the castle.

I love the magic shots they do when you get PhotoPass!

We were running a little behind. We saw the long lines on both sides. I happened to notice the Posse skirts at the check out. We decided not to wait in the line, but did hang out and chat with them for a while. Eventually, we gathered for a group picture. I didn’t get one with my phone, though. By that time, it was time for our Seven Dwarves Mine Train Fast Passes.

That was the only thing I hadn’t ridden before so I was super excited. When we got there, we proceeded through the Fast Pass entrance. The line was the shortest I have ever been in.

We wait 1 maybe 2 trains and then we were going.

The ride itself was great and when we got the PhotoPass, it had a video of us riding in parts.

It is a cute roller coaster but not too much for kids. By coaster standards, it is pretty tame. It was still an enjoyable ride, though. Once again, I used my Magic Band at the photo kiosks at the exit.
At this point, we only had a short time before we were supposed to meet for the dinner at Be Our Guest. We looked around the shop by Gaston’s fountain. Luckily, Jamie knew we were supposed to meet at the fountain. For some reason, I hadn’t remembered that. Once we were done at the shop, we waited at the fountain. There were supposed to be 30. While waiting, we did get a text that Space Mountain was down and our Fast Passes could be used later. Slowly people started to show up. We found out there were a lot of transportation issues going on. We ended up with only 19 people.
After working with the guy at the check in, we ended up as a party of 15 and a party of 4. He assured me we would be seated together. There was a lot of misunderstanding about pagers and thing, but eventually everyone but myself, Jamie, Julie, and her husband were seated (as the group of 15). A few minutes later, the four of us were seated. Unfortunately, we were not seated next to them like originally planned. We were in the same room, the one with the large music box in the center, but too far away to talk.
We enjoyed dinner and laughed that it was basically a redo of last year. I think I checked in with my family at this point. When I got back to the table, the server had brought us rolls.

We were starving. Soon the main course arrived. I got the Sautéed Shrimp and Scallops, same as last year.

Julie got the Pan Seared Chicken breast.

Jamie I think got the Braised Pork.

And Julie’s husband got the Grilled Strip Steak.

Everything was delicious. Since we were wearing our medals, they knew we were celebrating. So, before bringing our desserts, they brought out 2 plates of grey stuff for us to share.

It was awesome! For dessert, I got the crème puff.

I loved the detail on the chocolate square garnish.

Julie got the grey stuff.

Julie’s husband got the Strawberry cupcake.

I didn’t take a picture, but I think Jamie got the grey stuff, too. Once the bill was taken care of, Jamie and I were running late for our Elsa and Anna meet and greet. We went over to the other table and said goodbye. We got in line for Beast pictures, but the line was quite long. We were afraid we’d miss our Fast Passes if we waited. So, we left without a picture.
The Fast Pass line for Anna and Elsa was very short. I had started pulling out all me medals when I realized it just wouldn’t make sense. So, I only put on the Princess ones. I decided to do a castle picture with everything. The interaction with Anna and Elsa were great.

The way they talk to the small kids (there were a couple in front of us) made it super special for them. I do think Elsa’s smile was a bit strange.

I must admit, if you’re going to do character pictures, the PhotoPass is the way to go.

They scanned my Magic Band and neither of us had to worry about cameras. Also, the pictures turned out great.

We walked around to Tomorrowland to look for something for my son. In one of the stores, I found a Big Hero 6 shirt that had Japanese on it. I knew that was something you don’t find everywhere, so I got it. Then we went to get my picture by the castle. We waited for one photographer and I pulled out all my medals. The pictures turned out great!

The only thing I have to work on is not pulling in my chin. We decided to go get a Dole Whip after all. I got a call from my family so Jamie waited in line while I chatted. It melted pretty quick.

At that point, we decided we were wiped and just wanted to go back to the room. We walked through the main street stores looking for the princess hat I had seen at Animal Kingdom. Eventually, I did find it. We left the park and waited for the bus. Jamie commented that it would have been better to walk to Magic Kingdom the night we were leaving the Contemporary. We got back to the room and I packed a little. I got in bed and fell asleep before 10 PM.

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