Princess Monday – Breakfast and going home

I got up about 7:30 am. I showered and dressed. I packed up most things that I hadn’t the night before. Jamie was not feeling good. After much debate, I went to breakfast without her. I caught a bus to Magic Kingdom. Then I walked to the resort monorail. I talked to a couple ladies that were also heading to breakfast at a resort. They were going to the Polynesian. I ended up getting to the Grand Floridian 30 minutes early. You just never know when you need to use the transportation exactly how long it will take. I waited in lobby on a very comfy sofa. Jamie texted that she was feeling better and on her way. I was happy to hear that. I first met Donna and her whole family. They were all very nice. Then Jamie arrived. I decided to go and check in and we saw Nancy on our way. They took our group’s picture along with some others.

The photographer was loving Donna’s former in-laws.
They seated us at a large circular table.They immediately had POG juice in carafes. They got the coffee and tea orders and then we went to the buffet. I decided to get the Strawberry Soup with my first trip. I also got the bacon I had been craving since the Race Retreat didn’t have it the morning before. I absolutely had to get the lobster benedict, too. The Strawberry Soup was very good and I would definitely get it again.

The characters made their way around the room to each table. They had great interactions. I’m not a big Pooh fan, but Pooh and Tigger were there. I love Mary Poppins.

Alice was great.

But my favorite by far, is the Mad Hatter.

He has the best persona and I love interacting with him. Soon, it was time to leave and we said our goodbyes. We went to the monorail to the Magic Kingdom. The park was open so the trains were very full when they got to Grand Floridian. We were able to get on the second train. Then we waited for the bus… and waited… and waited. The ladies I met before showed up and waited with us. Finally, we asked the guy in charge of the buses and he got one sent over. I think part of the problem was that the parks were just opening and a lot of the buses were one way. Despite leaving with plenty of time, we made it back to our room only 30 minutes until checkout. We got everything packed and together. I took one last picture of my sister’s drawing before cleaning it up.

We went down to the concierge to double check the charges and make sure they were on the correct cards. Everything was good. We decided to visit the gift shop to use up our snack credits. They have bagged candy that travels well. My kids always enjoy when I bring them some home from my trips. Then we sat outside the food court in the beautiful weather. I decided to grab something for lunch since we still had meals left. I got a shrimp po-boy and a bottled orange soda. I figured I could pack that and my son would drink it later. I only ate about 1/4 of the sandwich before I gave up. I did pack an extra bottle of water and Powerade in my checked bag. Then I went to check for my bus to the airport. They was a yellow Mears bus which confused me. I asked the driver if he was my bus and gave him my paperwork. He assured me he was. So, I went back over to Jamie and got my luggage. I said goodbye and boarded the bus.

I had an uneventful ride to the airport. I did cat nap. I went to the counter to check my bag in and had a few issues. Disney prints a tag and leaves it for you. I wanted to physically check my bag in, so they didn’t want to print another tag. I finally talked to the agent and they got me fixed. My bag was 3 pounds overweight so I had to move a few things around. It made me wonder what Disney would do. Would they just charge me? Or would I have gotten away with a few extra pounds? Once I had the bag down to within weight, I headed for the TSA pre-check line. I so love this and it was worth the cost. The Orlando airport line does get crazy sometimes. The TSA agents did have to pull the medals out of my carry on to check them. When they pulled the bag, I knew what it was. So, I told them before they even pulled it out. I then proceeded to the gate without issues. They were making an announcement about the full flight and not enough room for bags. Luckily, when I boarded with Zone 2 there was room. Finally, a family of 5 joined me. The wife and smaller kid sat next to me, I was in the aisle. The husband sat behind me with a son on either side. The kid behind me kicked my seat the whole flight. I leaned back and told him to stop once. Then, the mom noticed it and told the husband to get him to stop. He stopped for all of 5 minutes. It could have been worse, but that made it a bad flight. I do blame the dad because he was sitting right next to the kid. Towards the end, the kid started pushing down the arm rest between myself and his mom. The mom told him to stop, but I put my arm such that he couldn’t move it anymore. I was never so glad for a flight to be over!

I was glad to be home. Once again, I can’t say enough good things about Park ‘n Go. The shuttle arrived after only a few minutes. I called my husband on the way to my car. They dropped me off right at my car and loaded my bags. They even give you a smaller bottled water at check out. The drive home wasn’t bad even in rush hour traffic. Thank goodness 485 on the south side is open now.

Overall, I had a great weekend and look forward to next year!

About kristincooke

I am a mother of 2 that started running in 2012. I also enjoy baking and some crafts.
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