Myrtle Beach 5k

I signed up for this race because some other ladies in my running group were also doing it. I figured I was going to be in town and the medal was nice. I really hadn’t done any training runs in 2 weeks so I figured it could be my warm up for the half the next day.

I left for the start early since I had to pick up my bib. This race is next to the resort that houses the Expo. When I got there, I was directed onto a grassy area to park. I proceeded towards the start where the bib pickup was located. They gave me a drawstring bag with my 5k shirt at the same time as my bib. I was not expecting that. I had to walk that back to my car. The walk was not too long, but it wasn’t insignificant, either. It was a little chilly. So, I stayed in my car for a little bit while I attached my bib. About 30 minutes to start, I walked back to the start. That’s when I realized there were burrs in the brush I was parked in. I picked some off my legs, but some went unnoticed until I was uncomfortable at the finish.

There was a significant bank of Port o potties by the start. I decided to use them before taking my place at the start. There were 3 waves for the start. I was in the last wave. To be honest, I’d rather pass people and I did line up at the beginning of my wave. Vicky from my running group found me in the corrals. Her whole family was running and they were dressed as skeletons. It was great to meet her especially since she made a skirt and vinyl for a shirt for the half for me. Her family was in the second wave.

They had a nice singing of the national anthem before the race started. They even had people holding a rope at the front of each wave to do an organized move forward. They had 3 minutes between waves.

Soon, it was my turn. I really just wanted to stick to my 1:30 intervals for the whole race. The run itself is nice. The street runs between the resort and the main road. There are trees between it and the main road, so you hardly knew it was there.

We got to the water stop just before Mile 1.

This race is an out and back so the same area is used for both water stops on the course. There was a DJ at the turn around.

We passed the Mile 2 marker.

The water stop was just beyond this. Soon, I was at the finish.

I was shocked to realize that I had just PR’ed the 5k. Funny what you can do when you keep up your intervals. I did walk though the water stops. I ended up with a time of 36:14. That beat my previous PR by 2 minutes! The medal was nice.

I headed back to the car and then found the rest of the burrs on my legs. After meeting up with my friends, I celebrated with breakfast at Johnny D’s. There Coconut Banana French Waffle is definitely a reward!

About kristincooke

I am a mother of 2 that started running in 2012. I also enjoy baking and some crafts.
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