Hit the Brixx 10k 2015

I ran this race again this year as it is one of my favorite local races. It was also my Proof of Time for runDisney. I needed a new proof of time so I was hoping for that here.

Nicki also ran this race. Since I was hoping for a Proof of Time, we ran separately. Having done this race before, I knew what to expect. I arrived and parked. I walked down to the race area. Nicki was already in the bathroom line when I arrived. I didn’t want to cut in line so although I stood with her, I didn’t use the bathroom. We both then got our parking validated and put it back in our cars. We made our way to the start line. While taking a pre-race picture, I saw the lady from The Scream again. One of these days I will remember her name. We walked to the start line. I don’t remember hearing much before the start. Soon we were off!

I distanced myself from Nicki pretty quick with my 1:30 intervals. I honestly don’t remember a whole lot about this race now. I do remember looking for Nicki during a section that we wind around some roads. I also remember taking my GU a little later than planned. I did throw in one extra walk interval every mile. I also remember hoping when I was running back down the starting road that I finished it before the 5k started and I had to move to the sidewalk. I did accomplish that. When I was approaching the last road to the finish, there was a photographer. We urged me to run it in, but I knew it was too far. I probably could have thrown in one more interval. I did kick it in for the last stretch. I missed my goal of 1:15. I ended up with a 1:16:53. So, my time for The Scream half is better.

I will most likely run this race again. It is a good course and the pizza and pasta at the end are worth it.

About kristincooke

I am a mother of 2 that started running in 2012. I also enjoy baking and some crafts.
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