ACC 5k 2015

I left my house about an hour before race time since I had already picked up my bib and shirt. I ate a banana on the way. Once I got Uptown, I had a bit of a challenge finding a parking spot. My normal garage was already parking for the game. After driving around to the other side of Uptown, I ended up parking in the EpiCentre garage. It was really convenient.

I walked across the street and up a couple blocks into the Wells Fargo Atrium. Most people were still in the Atrium since it was a chilly morning. I noticed the mascots talking pictures and the announcers were encouraging people to head to the start line. I had another runner take a pre-race photo for me.

As expected, there were a lot of UNC and Clemson supporters in the race. I did find at least a half of a dozen other FSU fans. I lined up in the back next to a FSU couple. Soon, it was time to start. I was just going to stick to my intervals since I had no time expectations. The mascots lined up on both sides of the street just after the start line. It was a nice touch. I should note, the FSU mascot does not attend these events. They send a cheerleader instead.

We run for a long ways south on Tryon. We veer right to stay on that road.

We got to Mile 1 along this road.

We turn right on West.

Then again on Mint.

We turned right on Kingston.

There we found the water stop.

We turn left on a neighborhood street (the sign is too blurry to read).

Then we turn left onto Park.

We turned right on Wickford.

Then right again.

We got to Mile 2 just before turning left on Southwood.

We had to get up a nice hill to turn right on Summit.

Then we turned left where this team and their fire truck were located.

We turned right at this intersection.

Finally, we turned left to get back on Tryon.

We ran on the bridge over 277 into downtown.

We got to Mile 3 just before the Levine Museum.

Finally, the finish was in sight.

They did have water at the end. I decided not to wait for later finishers since I had other plans for the day. I did walk back into the Atrium. It turns out that was a great idea. All the post-race stuff was there. The lines were quite long so I continued along. I did find no one in front of the bananas so I grabbed one. I also grabbed a Gatorade. They were just calling the mascots to the kids run and I was walking to my car.

Overall, this was a well run race. I do like it and will probably run it again.

About kristincooke

I am a mother of 2 that started running in 2012. I also enjoy baking and some crafts.
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