Princess 2016 – Friday

Today was all about social things. First we went to the Expo, then we had a meetup. Finally, we had Afternoon Tea at the Grand Floridian.

First thing this morning, Jamie called the front since she had not yet heard anything about her luggage. They finally talked about all the details with her and got everything straight. They said they would send up a toothbrush and toothpaste. Soon, a lady came with toothpaste but said they had no toothbrush. Poor Jamie brushed her teeth with her finger. Luckily, I had a spare shirt she could wear today. We went to the front desk to complain about the lack of a bag for almost 24 hours. We spoke to a concierge who brought the head or the baggage people. She was extremely nice and helpful. She was going to look into it and make sure it was just a training issue since there was a new person working the night before. She asked if we were going to the parks. We did not have tickets this trip. For all the inconvenience (and she couldn’t believe they didn’t bring a toothbrush) she actually gave us each (3 of us total) one day park hopper tickets that were good for 5 years. Of coarse, we had to make plans to use them after the 10k the next day. Once all that was squared away, we headed to the Expo.

I actually did a write up of our Expo experience that was published on Running At Disney. You can see that here:Princess 2016 Expo

Before we left the Expo, we had a meetup with our Facebook groups. The main group was the group called Disney’s Glass Slipper Challenge group. We had 200 people sign up to join us. Due to life happening, we had about 180 show up. It was still a large crowd. They did a getting to know you game while we checked everyone in and got them goodie bags and sashes. The sashes are a huge hit every year. Then we did a group picture.

Finally, we had a bunch of giveaways. We had given everyone a ticket. We drew numbers for winners. Everyone seemed to have a good time.

A small number from that Facebook group did a Secret Princess exchange. The person who had me gave me my gift at the meetup. She was amazing and went above and beyond.

The person I had couldn’t make the meetup. So, after we left the Expo, we dropped off extra things in our room. Jamie wanted to change since her luggage finally (about 24 hours later) arrived in our room. Then we headed to the Grand Floridian for the Afternoon Tea. We made one stop on the way to drop off the gift. I dropped it off at the front desk of Shades of Green where she was staying. It was the first time at that resort and it was beautiful.

We valet parked the car so we could get in sooner. The old man that is a staple at the Grand Floridian was there greeting everyone. We made our we to the back of the lobby where the Garden View room is. We saw several people waiting. We actually had 3 reservations that added up to 26 people. We ended up only having 15. I felt terrible until they approached me from the podium. They were trying to figure out how to configure the tables. I think when I told them I only needed the 2 of the 8 top tables, they were relieved. We split into 2 groups. At my tables were Lisa, Naomi, Jamie, Katie, Rebecca, and Shelly. It really was a great group. Rebecca and Jamie split the Tea that included caviar and champagne. The rest of us pretty much got the tea that included champagne (Derbyshire).

They brought out the Tea first which was unusual.

The cozies do keep them warm. The caviar and champagne came next.

Soon, we had our finger sandwiches, fruit and cheese.

They were tasty as usual. It was a little strange, but they brought the scones along with the dessert on tiered displays.

I still love the lemon curd.

I got the bananas foster trifle for dessert.

It was amazing. My sister got the dessert trio.

Although my sister enjoyed the experience, she’s still not fond of tea. Soon, we settled up the bill and said goodbye to everyone. We got the car from the valet and drove back to the Caribbean Beach. We set out all of our things for the 10k the next morning. Then we got to bed. We knew our wake up call would be early.

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I am a mother of 2 that started running in 2012. I also enjoy baking and some crafts.
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