Princess 2016 – Saturday

Thanks to the bundled handling of Jamie’s luggage (one bag) by the Magical Express people, we had one day park hopper tickets. We made Fast Pass reservations the day before and were surprised to pick up some good ones.

While Katie was showering, I dropped a few things off at the front. I knew I needed full names this time and also the resort if they were staying on property. It was really no hassle. When I got back to the room, I gave Katie the I Did It shirt for the 10k. I had another lady pick it up for me Thursday morning. I got it from her during the meetup. So, it was a complete surprise to Katie.

After we cleaned up from the 10k, we grabbed the bus to the Magic Kingdom. We had no bags since we were wearing SparkleTech skirts with enough pocket space. So, we got through security no problem wearing our 10k medals. Luckily, they didn’t pick us for the metal detectors. Our Magic Bands worked like a charm to get in the park. Since the weekend had a Little Mermaid theme, our first stop had to be a character meet and greet with Ariel.

We also rode the Little Mermaid ride. Jamie had never been on it at WDW although I told her it was the same as the one at DCA. She agreed with me but it is still a nice ride and we had next to no wait. Then we headed over to Space Mountain. This is totally different between Disneyland and Walt Disney World. It was nice to have a fast pass and keep walking when the standby line on the other side had stopped. We had a very short wait before we boarded. Luckily, the cars are 3 single riders. So, we all got in the same car in the front. Katie got the first seat. It was a fun ride. I hadn’t ridden it in a while since I’m normally there with small kids.

Our final fast pass was for Splash Mountain. We had some time so we stopped for a bite to eat at the Starlight Cafe. I got a bacon cheeseburger.

We still had about 30 minutes until our fast pass once we walked over to Splash Mountain. So, we hopped on the train and rode it all the way around. It is entirely different than Disneyland. It is more like a real train in that there are forward facing bench seats. It was a nice, relaxing trip. We did notice that the train was pretty full when it got to the Dumbo’s circus area and there were quite a few people waiting. I think the Main Street or Splash Mountain stops are better if you just want to ride. When we got back, we only had a few more minutes. So, we used the bathrooms right there. Then, we could get in line. This is another line where the fast pass is a big plus. It took us longer to walk through the line than the wait we eventually had to board. We got a little wet, but no too much.

Then, we decided to head to EPCOT. We had dinner reservations at Cape May Cafe at the Beach Club. We thought we’d rather be in the area and see a few things at EPCOT. We grabbed a Monorail to TTC and then one to EPCOT. I always love these rides. Once again we used the no bags security entrance. There was no line to get into the park. We decided to head back to France so Jamie and Katie could get Grand Marnier slushies and I could get a Macaroon ice cream sandwich. The slushies are at a cart by the lagoon. The ice cream is in the heart of the French pavilion. There was a line to get in, but it moved quickly. The cast members working this shop were friendly and easily understood even if they did have thick accents. I decided on a chocolate macaroon ice cream sandwich.

I walked back to find Jamie and Katie by the fountains with their slushies.

We sat and enjoyed some peace while finishing our treats. Then, we decided to meander over to the Beach Club via the International Gateway. We browsed the store in that area. Then we took our shoes off and rested on one of the swinging chairs on the sandy beach. That was somewhat of a mistake as we had a heck of a time removing the sand after. Then we went to the lobby of the Beach Club about 30 minutes early. I needed to charge my phone and we all just wanted to sit and rest. I also needed to get out of the sun since I could feel it burning already. I did find an outlet near the chairs by the windows. Not too long after, other members of our group started to show up. About 5 minutes before the reservation, everyone had arrived. So, I went to the front to check in. They told me they would alert me when the table was ready. By the time I got back with the rest of the group, our table was ready. For dinner, this is a seafood buffet with no characters. I actually started my meal with a salad and some bread and cheese.

Then I started in on the crab legs.

And more crab legs.

I joked that I was crab loading instead of carb loading. I did get one plate of desserts.

I actually had to point the other people to the dessert area since none of them had noticed it on our way in. It is actually up by the front instead of along the main area. We all left with full bellies.

Jamie, Katie, and I decided just to head back to the room instead of waiting to watch Illuminations. We decided the best way was to catch the boat to Hollywood Studios and then the bus from there to our resort. The boat also stopped at the Swan and Dolphin hotel. Overall, it was a nice ride. When we got back to the room, Jamie and I set out stuff out. I had some last minute stitching to do. Then we all got in bed. We were wiped out from the day.

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I am a mother of 2 that started running in 2012. I also enjoy baking and some crafts.
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