Star Wars Dark Side – Friday

After the 5k, we went back to the room and cleaned up. When I went to take my shower, there was no shampoo, only conditioner. We called housekeeping and after being told they only come in a set, we finally got them to agree to bring us some. Since we were under time constraints, I went ahead and showered after waiting 15 minutes. I then walked down the hall to see if I could find anyone. I did find an unmanned cart and took a shampoo. We were in the room about an hour and no one showed up with the requested supplies.

Jamie needed to go to the Expo and get her shirts and challenge bib. So, once we were ready, we hopped the bus to the Expo. She got her bib and shirts with no wait. The one thing I wanted to do was get a picture with BB8. When we got there, the wait was over an hour. Based on Nicki’s experience, I thought it would go quicker. Unfortunately, the person manning the head of the line had no ability to keep things flowing swiftly. I think it ended up taking about an hour and 20 minutes. We did get our picture, though.

At that point, we knew we weren’t going to make all our Fast Passes at Animal Kingdom. We decided just to play it by ear and enjoy our day. We took a quick round at the Expo. Then, we caught the Animal Kingdom Lodge bus.

We figured that would get us closer to where we wanted to be.

We were so hungry since it was after noon at this point. So, we took a brief look at the hotel main areas and then found Mara, the quick service restaurant.

I had read all about Zebra Domes and wanted to try them. Plus, we had quick services meals to use on our dining plan. I ended up getting the Angus cheeseburger and these delicious zebra domes.

After we finished our meals, we made our way to the bus transportation. It wasn’t too long before a bus to Animal Kingdom arrived. We boarded the bus and enjoyed the ride. It was definitely a haul to get from the Animal Kingdom Lodge to Animal Kingdom. We got to the entrance and through security and had just enough time to make our second Fast Pass. This sand sculpture was just inside the front entrance.

We had missed our Fast Pass to Kali River Rapids. To be honest, neither of us was too hurt about that. There was enough opportunity to get wet from the weather. Our second Fast Pass was the safari. I didn’t take any pictures since I had just been here with my family and taken a bunch.

After the safari ride, we made our way to the Tree of Life.

We actually stopped in to see It’s Tough to be a Bug since we had time. It is a cute show but can scare little kids (or those with an extreme fear of spiders). After the show was over, we made our way to Expedition Everest for our final Fast Pass. We ended up being in the next to last car of the train.

We both love this roller coaster.

Once we were off the ride, we decided to head over to EPCOT. We had early dinner reservations and decided we’d rather hang out at the Flower and Garden festival. We made our way to the buses and caught one over to EPCOT. The walk from the buses seems incredibly long now with the security check. We went through bag check because Jamie had her bag form the Expo. The line wasn’t bad, though. We decided to stop at the butterfly garden.

We spent quite a while in there looking at all the butterflies.

We decided to walk all the way around the World Showcase since our reservations were in France. We stopped at the photographer at the entrance to World Showcase.

The clouds look somewhat menacing but we didn’t notice it as much in person. They did get a magic shot.

We did stop in Mexico to ride the boat ride there. The line is deceptive. There is very little queue inside the area. If the line is every even slightly long, it will wrap outside. Do not be fooled. It moves quickly.

We decided to enjoy all the topiaries along the way.

Anna and Elsa were in Norway.

A familiar looking sand sculpture was at the outpost.

Along with Timon and Pumbaa

And this iconic scene

Germany had Snow White and all 7 dwarves

We stopped at a photographer in Italy since I had already purchased the PhotoPass.

When we got to American Adventure, I figured we had enough time to see the show. I really love the show and Jamie had never seen it. So, we went inside and sat on a bench to wait. We were fortunate enough to get a show from the Voices of Liberty before the other show started. I moved off our bench to the side long enough to take this picture. They are amazing!

Soon we were entering the show.

If you’ve never been before, you have to go through the gallery of flags and up stairs or escalators to enter the theater.

The civil war part always makes me choke up. I also love the Golden Dreams song in the finale. When we finally left, it was almost time for our reservation. So, we made our way to France.

We only waited a few minutes before our table was ready. We got a seat near the windows. Our server was great. This menu has a lot of alcoholic beverage options.

It also has a tempting 3 course menu that you can get with the dining plan.

I think partly because we ate lunch later, we both decided we weren’t hungry enough for 3 courses. The first thing to arrive to the table was really good French bread in a paper bag.

We both enjoyed this. Then came our entrees. I got the seafood dish.

Jamie got the duck.

I had a good view of the pastry chefs and was eyeing the desserts going out to make my decision. Soon, the dessert menu arrived.

I went with creme brulee.

Jamie got the apple on the waiter’s recommendation.

Everything was delicious and we were stuffed when we finally left. We were actually glad we had to walk back to the buses. On the way, we found several topiaries in the United Kingdom.

In Canada, we stopped for just a minute to listen to this musical group.

We saw a few more topiaries on our way out.

When we got back to the room, we found a whole bag of shampoo and conditioner. I guess they wanted to make up for us having to call them and finally go and get our own that morning.

We got into bed and feel asleep in no time since we had another early morning wake up coming.

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