Star Wars Dark Side – 10k

Our alarm went off bright and early at 3:30 am. We got ready and headed for the bus. I think we just missed the first bus. When we got to the area, we got a pre-race picture. I was Rey and Jamie had a BB8 inspired outfit.

Eventually, our friends found us. We talked and waited until they announced that we should proceed to the corrals (too early). We wandered to the area with all the port-o-potties and were held up with everyone else. They had not opened the corrals yet. The half start is 30 minutes earlier so I think the DJ just got his times confused. While waiting, some of our group used the port-o-potties. Finally, they let us wander to the corrals. The walk is long although not quite as long as Princess. It is the same walk that we would have for the half the next day. I was in Corral D with Tara and Robert. Jamie was all the way in the back for this one. I walked with Tara to the corral and waited for the start.

We actually made it pretty close to the front of the corral. I always caution being at the very front. I find that they tend to have you move across the first timing mat before the actual start. Eventually, the lady who founded Noah’s Light got up and spoke. She actually ran the 10k. Then the National Anthem was sung. One by one the corral started to fireworks. Once we moved forward, I could see the impressive starting fireworks better. I think these were for Corral C.

Soon we made it to the front next to the stage.

Tara was ready for the race to start.

This was the beginning of the fireworks for our start.

It was hard to see the ones higher in the sky because of the smoke. My pictures are blurry because this was my first time using my new iPhone camera. I hope to figure out a better setting for this in the future. We started our intervals off right away. Robert caught up with us pretty quick. He had started closer to the back of the corral. The first thing we encountered was this local high school band. They were playing songs from Star Wars.

We turned down the same side street as the 5k and came to this backstage entrance for EPCOT.

R2D2 was just beyond this entrance.

The came Mile 1. These mile markers were much better than the 5k ones.

We entered through Mexico.

We went to the right after entering.

The first water stop was in Canada by the stage.

We ran through United Kingdom which was beautiful all lit up. It reminded me of It’s a Small World in Disneyland.

We ran through the International Gateway. Chewbacca was just on the other side of the International Gateway with quite a line.

There was a large screen playing scenes from the movies in the Boardwalk area.

They got a good picture of me running in the Boardwalk area.

Mile 2 was in the Boardwalk area. I really love the mile marker signs!

Then we got to one of the most hated parts of the course. To be honest, I didn’t find it too bad although I did run in the grass to pass a few people.

This path takes you from the Boardwalk to Hollywood Studios.

There was a bunch of cosplayers in front of the entrance.

Robert and I stopped for a couple pictures.

I love the people who come up with great poses… I am not one of them.

We lost Tara and thought she might be in line for Darth Vader since that’s the one character she wanted.

We didn’t see her anywhere in the line. We entered Hollywood Studios from the side.

We ran down Hollywood Blvd. Tara caught up to us in this area. She had stopped, but was told the line was longer than she was willing to wait.

We turned down Sunset Blvd. The photographers got a good picture of all 3 of us.

Mile 3 was along this stretch.

We ran around the Tower of Terror.

There was a water stop in the backstage area after leaving Hollywood Studios.

I do love that the first thing was people refilling your water bottle. There was also a photo op in this area.

At this point, I think we came out on Buena Vista Drive.

We ran the ramp to World Drive. I think this is where I started losing Tara and Robert. We all had different opinions about how to tackle the uphill and downhill parts. Mile 4 was along World Drive.

Then we ran a long ramp to Osceola Parkway.

There was a group of volunteers at the end of the ramp.

The course was very well marked.

Soon we came to the last water stop.

There was a mobile screen playing movie clips by the entrance to the other most hated (My most loved) section of the course… the dirt path to Wide World of Sports.

Mile 5 was along the dirt path.

There was also an AT-AT leg.

And some vehicles from the Endor forest

Soon we came to the sidewalks of Wide World of Sports.

There were a lot of spectators in this area.

I was pleasantly surprised to find another group of cosplayers in this area.

I’m so glad they were there.

I went back to see if Tara stopped for Darth Vader and make sure she didn’t miss him. At that point, there was no worries about being swept. I did find her just getting in line. I joined her and got this picture with Vader.

We passed a lot more very cool cosplayers.

We got to Mile 6 just before heading out into the parking lots.

You could see the post-race area during this section of the course.

They got a photo of me after I started my finish line video.

And here is my not so stable finish line video.

Here are the official photos while I was crossing the line.

After finishing, I got my medal, water, and powerade. Then I got my official finisher photo.

I grabbed a snack box and banana. Then, I attempted to find the post-race area for the character pictures. I really wanted Captain Phasma. I had to ask several people to find it. The first thing I found was a super long line for the bus back to EPCOT. Once I finally found the post-race characters, most of the lines were super long. I got in the Captain Phasma line and was told I had a 50/50 chance of making it before she had to leave. I figured I had to wait for my friends anyway. I tried to text and call Nicki because she really wanted this picture. I also tried to text and call Jamie. I found out the cell service at Wide World of Sports was terrible. Most of my text messages didn’t go through until we left the area. Eventually, I got a hold of Jamie. She told me the line for the bus to the resort was super long. So, she would wait in it while I waited for Phamsa. I had a great conversation with the lady in front of me. It turns out she was a cast member at The Studios about the same time frame I was. It made the wait easier. The line did end up moving faster. I got my picture and there was still time for plenty of people behind me.

The official photo:

After getting my picture, I headed back to the resort bus line. Jamie was one bus away. I joined her and we headed back to the resort. Once back at the room, I realized I never took a picture of my attempt at Rey’s hairstyle. So, this was my hair after the 10k.

My official time was 1:43:38. I do not run Disney races for time so that’s fine with me. Overall, I liked the course. I did like where they put the cosplayers. I loved that they were in 2 places instead of one. I know people in the last corral had a different experience, but overall I thought the course was good. I actually like trail running so the dirt path was a welcome change to me. The only real issues were related to the busing from the finish line. I would hope Disney can find a solution to this before next year. I will be back to run this race again.

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