Yaisou Greek Fest 5k 2016

I actually picked up my shirt, bib, and Greek Fest tickets on Friday. This allowed me to sleep in a little longer on Saturday. I got up, got ready, grabbed a banana and headed out the door. I stopped at Starbucks on the way for a latte. I got a text from Nicki that parking was an issue. I told her I had parked at Latta Park the last time I ran this race. She was able to find a spot over there. By the time I arrived, the lot was full. I drove around the park and ended up in the community center parking lot with many others. I walked a few blocks back to the Greek Orthodox church that was the start and finish line. Nicki and Robert were using the bathrooms, but I found them after a few minutes. I had Nicki take a pre-race picture before we wandered over to the start.

I also ran into Carl who told me he would be taking it easy and running with his friend. I correctly told him that he would still finish before me. I hadn’t run any in the last month since The Scream. I had tweaked my knee during that run and it only felt 100% in the week leading up to the race. I didn’t want to chance tweaking it again. So I opted to just enjoy the run and go with Nicki’s intervals. We ended up doing 1 min walk/30 sec run swapping a run for an extra walk at every mile marker. Since we knew we would be slow, we headed to the very back of the starting pack. This was our view of the start line.

A few more people joined the area before the start. After we started, Robert, Kim, and I also started our Pokemon Go apps. We figured we might as well hatch some eggs while we were running. Once we started, we moved over to the other side of the road to stay out of the way.

We started running down East Blvd. Then we turned right on Dilworth Rd West. Soon we turned left onto Dilworth Rd East.

Then we turned left back onto East Blvd.

Soon we got to Mile 1. We did see some of the lead people passing us on East Blvd heading to the finish.

Since we still had 2 miles to go, we turned right onto Park.

After only one block, we turned left onto Kingston.

Due to construction, the course did vary slightly from the published course map. We turned left on Winthrop instead of Lyndhurst.

That meant we turned right on East Blvd.

And then a block later turned left on Lyndhurst.

A block later we turned left on Worthington. We almost immediately got to the only water stop.

We passed the back side of the church and then got to Mile 2.

Once again we turned right onto Dilworth Rd West.

This was the section of course we ran before. We took our final turn left onto East Blvd.

We could see the finish line long before we could make the final push. The road to the finish was slightly uphill. Robert and I took a little extra wlk to the Mile 3 sign.

Then we really kicked it in through the finish.

Shortly after we crossed, Nicki and Kim pushed through to the end.

Once we finished, we got our medals and kept heading down the chute. Here was the chaos of the area after the finish.

I didn’t get a picture, but there were no bottles of water left. They did have coolers with Gatorade in them and cups so we at least got something. I ran into Carl and his friend in this area. They both complained loudly about the lack of bottled water. This was not the first time this happened in the race series. I guess I was just fast enough before to not have this issue. They really need to police the finishers chute better. Carl said some runners were grabbing as many as 4 bottles. Hopefully they can remedy this before the next race. Apparently, they were giving out beer in the vendors area (off to the left in the picture above). They also had a company handing out sample bottles of lemonade and juice. Two different sponsors were handing out cow bells. I did get my medal selfie.

I couldn’t hang around too long because it was my son’s 8th birthday. We were having his party at our house starting at noon. So, we all said goodbye and walked to our cars. I did get a lift the last bit of the way from Robert. Next stop on the series is the Hit the Brixx 10k!

Oh, I did get a picture of the Greek Orthodox church before I left. They are doing some work on it, but it’s still a beautiful building.

About kristincooke

I am a mother of 2 that started running in 2012. I also enjoy baking and some crafts.
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