Bubble Run Charlotte 2016

I signed up for this race as something fun to do with my 8 year old son. He was looking forward to it once I told him about it. On Friday, I went to the Academy Sports store and picked up our shirts, headbands, bibs, and the sunglasses I had pre-purchased for us. My shirt was a little big but luckily they both fit. Saturday morning, I woke Logan up early and we both got ready in those shirts. It’s about a half an hour from our house to the race. He was almost too excited in the car. When we got to the speedway, we had to make a U-turn by the front entrance to get to the parking they were using across the street. It didn’t take long to park. We gathered out things and walked to the start line. I had signed us up for the fist start wave since I didn’t know when his baseball game would be. There were already many people in the area.

We took some pre-race pictures and enjoyed listening to the music the DJ was playing.

When they started talking about moving up, my son zigzagged us most of the way to the start line. Here is the view of the people behind us.

They broke us into smaller groups at the start so it wouldn’t be overwhelming. We ended up in the second group. A couple minutes before the start, the bubbles started flowing.

The first group started and we moved forward.

There was so much foam that the people right in the front were getting buried.

Only a couple minutes later, we were off. Running through the first foam wall was fun.

We were both coated on our legs after emerging. We continued down the road and could see several other color bubble walls along the route.

The route started on the perimeter road just north of the main entrance. It continued out into the dirt and gravel area that I think is sometimes used as a parking lot before running under the bleachers for a long stretch to finish in the front paved parking lot.

We went down and around to the left to encounter the next bubbles that were pink.

Here is what my legs looked like coming out the other side.

Next we ran on a road between the pink bubbles and the next ones… green.

Here is Logan after emerging form the green bubbles.

We ran next to the racers heading to the green bubbles.

We weren’t sure what would come next since we couldn’t see it. We ran downhill towards a row of buses.

On the other side of the buses is where we found the water stop.

After passing the water stop, we could finally see the next bubbles… blue.

We ran up and around a sweeping U turn to get to the bubbles.

The wall of bubbles here was pretty solid.

I was covered.

Logan started having a mini-meltdown.

Unfortunately, some had gotten in his mouth. I can attest since it happened later on the course to me that they do taste disgusting. Luckily we had to run by the water stop again. We were able to wash out his mouth. Once it was gone, he seemed to regain his enthusiasm.

We ran back up the hill and saw our next bubble stop… yellow.

I told Logan to hold his hand over his nose and mouth this time.

Here is what I looked like after coming through the yellow bubbles.

We then stayed to the left as we ran by runners that had just started and were heading towards the pink bubbles.

Here is a look at the pink bubble area with a bunch of people running through.

We made our way up the ramp that lead to the bleachers. Lots of people walked to the fence to take pictures of the infield.

Next we went under the bleachers.

During this stretch, we could see the start line and the people that had just started.

It seemed like a long stretch under the bleachers. Finally, we could see the finish area.

We turned right out of the bleachers and down to the finish. Sorry for the bounciness of this video but it was downhill running.

They had cups of water as well as some kind of bars at the finish.

As we kept walking, we found the party area. There was a DJ on the stage and 2 cannons that were shooting out bubbles at intervals.

Logan has fun playing in the bubbles.

We both had a good experience.

They had water stations on the other side of the party area to wash off all those bubbles. Also on the right of this picture you will see the merchandise area in case you wanted another souvenir of the run.

Then we headed back out the entrance to the car.

About this time, we realized we should have brought a change of clothes. Luckily, I had blankets in the car so Logan could bundle up.

Overall, we had a great time at this run. There were a lot of kids and strollers in this one. I think if we do this again, we will wear some kind of gear over our nose and mouth. Even a bandana would work. The sunglasses really were enough for our eyes. They did a good job of keeping the bubbles fun while removing the slippery aspect of them. I’m not sure how they did it, but it worked.

About kristincooke

I am a mother of 2 that started running in 2012. I also enjoy baking and some crafts.
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