Hit the Brixx 10k 2016

I didn’t get a chance to pick my bib up early, so I got up extra early on Saturday. I stopped and got a tall pumpkin spice latte on my way. I got to the parking deck at about 7 am. It was a little later than I wanted, but I still got a good parking space. I brought extra clothes and shoes since I thought I would be going straight to my son’s baseball game afterwards.

As I was getting out of my car, I saw Nicki and Kim heading back to Nicki’s car. I went down and got my bib, shirt and my parking validated. There was a little confusion at the check in tables. There was quite a line and one lady freed up. She asked for anyone registering. To us, that meant you were just signing up for the race. To her, it meant you were picking up your bib and shirt. Once that misunderstanding was settled, the line moved swiftly. After getting my parking ticket validated in the Brixx patio area, I took everything back up to my car. After putting my bib on my shirt, I met up with Nicki and Kim and we went down to the main area. The normal port-o-potties were missing from the side road next to Brixx. Luckily, I didn’t need them. We found Robert while we were standing there. After looking at my watch, we made our way around the building to the starting area. There didn’t seem to be many people there yet. We tried to stay in the very back. Soon, more people joined us. My friend from The Scream, Diana, found us as well. She was running with some other friends. I had Nick take my pre-race picture while we waited for the start.

This was our view of the start line.

Before long, the race was underway! We start on 7th street just before Brevard. We continue on this street for about 2 miles. After crossing the bridge over 277, we are greeted with this site.

This parking lot and parking deck have been the start/finish to numerous races in the area. Mile 1 was right in front of a church.

We were making good time at this point. We were doing 30/30 intervals and following Nicki’s lead. Mile 2 came right before the first turn off 7th Street.

We turned right onto 5th Street.

There was a water stop along this street.

We turned left just before the hospital on Osborne.

And the left on Kenmore before we entered the hospital parking deck.

Mile 3 was along Kenmore.

The stand on the left side of the road is the scanner for the 5k mark.

We turned right on Emerson which was downhill.

Then left on Dotger.

This is where the uphills started.

Next we turned right on Vail.

There’s this funky intersection where it looks like we’re turning back to back but really we’re staying on Vail.

Mile 4 was right next to the other side of the hospital parking deck (we are now one level higher). I told you we were doing a bunch of uphills!

This section was a gradual uphill. We turned right on Caswell effectively in the middle of the hospital area.

We turned left on Greenway Ave.

Then another left on Park a block later.

There was a water stop on this road which ran next to the park.

This is where Robert and I fell back from Nicki and Kim. Two reasons for this. One was I realized I hadn’t had a GU yet and walked while I was finishing it. The second is that Kim, Robert, and I were playing Pokemon Go as we ran and Robert and I found an unusual Pokemon in the park area. We stopped to battle it. I know, we’re complete nerds. However, we did both catch it. Park is a curvy street and the race does an out and back small section towards the end. Here is the view entering the out and back little section.

At this point, we were running more to catch up to Nicki and Kim. This is how far ahead they were at the turnaround.

We turned around and then turned left on 5th Street. I’m not sure why the road sign makes it look like we’re turning on to Park since that’s the road we were on.

Mile 5 was shortly after the turn and on a downhill.

We were running next to ball fields at this point. This race also has a 5k that starts an hour later. We passed Mile 2 for the 5k in this section.

At this point, we turned right onto Charlottetown Ave. We had caught up to Nicki and Kim.

We turned left onto 7th Street again.

Shortly after turning, we moved to the sidewalk as the lead 5k runner came by. We were directed by the race to move to the sidewalks once the 5k race started.

On the bridge over 277 we hit the main crush of 5k runners. Some had started to move on the sidewalks either to pass or because they were walking. We tried to inform them that 5k runners should stay in the street since the 10k runners were moving to the sidewalk. We actually got blessed out by one father (his son was just in front of him) that in this country we stay to the right. The funny thing is, as runners we’re told to stay on the left so you can see the oncoming traffic. After this encounter, I saw my friend, Carl. He is running the series in the shorter distances. I tried to get a picture, but just missed him.

We moved back into the road before Mile 6 since the 5k runners were gone.

I should say we walked a lot of the section up to the Mile 6 marker because it was uphill. We turned left just beyond the Mile 6 sign on Caldwell.

Our final turn was right onto 6th Street.

Here we found Mile 3 for the 5k.

We could see the finish. I think I kicked into gear just before the intersection.

Kim actually kicked into gear before me. I guess I had a faster kick because I was even with her at the finish. Thanks to her friend, Lissa, for getting these finish line photos.

It looks like I may have had a slight advantage across the finish line. I got my medal and then took the finisher selfie.

Since the 5k was still yet to finish, there was plenty of water, Gatorade, and bags with goodies. Here’s a view of the after party area where they did have free beer for finishers.

I got in a discussion with some other finishers about Disney races because I was wearing my Glass Slipper Challenge shirt. Nicki and Kim went on without me. Robert had to leave immediately since he was closing on his new house. Once I finished talking, I headed into Hit the Brixx for the post-race buffet.

They had slices of pizza at the bar.

They also had pasta in the middle of the seating area. I had some of both. Sorry the picture is so blurry.

I found Nicki and Kim as I was about to sit and they had grabbed a booth. I ate quickly and then headed out to the game. I ended up having to stop by the house so I did get a quick shower.

Overall, I like this race. The food at the end and the distance which is perfect for runDisney proof of time both play into this. I will say, we took the race easy and slower so I knew I wasn’t getting close to a proof of time. It didn’t matter since I already had my time from The Scream. My official time was 1:26:41. I had a great time with friends and will do this race again.

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I am a mother of 2 that started running in 2012. I also enjoy baking and some crafts.
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