Novant Health 15k 2016 (formerly Lung Strong)

Since this one was all the way up in North Charlotte, I left my house earlier than normal. When I arrived, it was still dark. I knew we weren’t supposed to park in front of the Harris Teeter. So, I found a good parallel spot just up from it. I then wandered around trying to find the check in area. There weren’t many people there yet. I started towards the volunteer check in before I spotted the tables I needed off to the right. The people there were more than happy to get my shirt and bib. I took the shirt back to my car and pinned on the bib. I walked over to the Harris Teeter to grab a Starbucks before the race. By that time, Nicki and Kim had arrived. Apparently, I walked right by them back to the gathering spot. They yelled at me, but I didn’t see them. The sun was breaking through and I spotted Sam. I chatted with him for a while. Nicki and Kim found me. Sam went to join his group since he was running the 5k. The line for the port-o-potties was pretty long by this point. Kim disappeared into it. Nicki and I decided to head over to the real bathrooms in the Harris Teeter. To be honest, we probably waited just about as long. However, we did get to wash our hands and have flushing toilets. We went back over to the starting area. I also found Carl. He was running the 5k. I told him he would be done and gone long before I finished. Carl took a pre-race picture for us.

Then, Nicki went wandering looking for Kim. Meanwhile, Kim found me. Soon, everyone in the 15k was told to move to the other side of the start line. We were all facing the wrong way.

We moved to the very back knowing we were going to be slow. Here is our view before the start.

And then we were off! We turned right at the stop sign in the parking lot.

Then we turned right onto the main road, Jetton Road.

They started the 5k only about 5 minutes after the 15k. We could hear the 5k start before we got to the left turn into Jetton Park.

If you couldn’t tell from that picture, we were already well in the back with few people around us. We took a loop around the park. At the start of the loop was Mile 1.

There was a water stop just before we left the park.

We made a left back onto Jetton Road. Then we came to Mile 2.

The people you see on the other side of the road are the 5k runners heading back to the finish. I did see Carl in this area.

Eventually, we got to Mile 3.

There was also a 5k station.

The next water stop was at the left turn onto John Connor Road.

At this point, we are running through neighborhoods. They did have the turns marked well, though. Our next turn was a left onto Springwinds Drive.

Then we made a right onto Summer Place.

The next 2 turns were in pretty quick succession. First we turned right onto John Connor again.

Then we turned left on Green Dolphin Lane.

Shortly after this turn, we got to Mile 4.

We stayed on Dolphin Green a while before we turned right on Yawl.

Then after a very uphill block, we turned left on Harbor Light.

We turned right on Flying Jib.

Then right on America’s Cup.

We turned left on Town Harbor after going uphill.

Finally we made it to Mile 5.

Shortly after Mile 5, we turned right on Flat Shoals.

Then we found another water stop.

We veered right onto Jetton which was partially open to traffic. Thus there were signs on the side.

After rounding many curves, we got to Mile 6.

Not too far after was the 10k sensor.

We turned left on Moutainview Drive.

We made a right turn at the end of the road.

Then we turned left back onto Jetton.

Here we found a very enthusiastic crew at the water stop.

Eventually, we got to Mile 7.

We were totally beat up at this point. We continued down the road and got to Mile 8.

We finally left Jetton and turned left on Charles Town Lane.

We then turned left on Middletown Road.

We finally made it to Mile 9. This was the intersection where I made a wrong turn last time.

We made a left onto North Cove.

We entered the shopping center. The course went right by my lovely parking spot.

Then we made the final turn to the finish.

We were the last 3 to cross. Thankfully, Kim’s friend had convinced them to keep up the finish line when they were going to take it down. There was plenty of bottled water and some Gatorade in the coolers. The volunteers also tried to get us to take whole containers of mini muffins. I guess there are some perks to being dead last. I took my medal selfie.

My official time was 2:25:53. I said it before and I will say it again, I hate this race. If it wasn’t part of the series, I wouldn’t do it. It’s way too hilly, if you couldn’t already see that in the photos. It’s also on the opposite side of town from where I live. Personally, unless there is another series I probably won’t be heading back to this one. It was managed well and the volunteers were good. This time, it’s more about the course itself for me.

About kristincooke

I am a mother of 2 that started running in 2012. I also enjoy baking and some crafts.
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