Star Wars Light Side – Saturday

I got back to the room after the 10k and showered and changed as fast as possible. Then, Debbie and I pretty much power walked to the park entrance. They were already letting people in to line up on Main Street. We went onto the sidewalk on the right that was labeled for Early Entrance and reservations. We made it passed the rope and got to the Plaza Inn.

After we checked in with the front, we saw them drop the rope. We were taken to the front for a picture almost right away.

Then they led us into the restaurant. It is a character buffet for breakfast.

We were seated in a corner in a middle section to the left of the entrance. Characters were already circulating in our area. This was our first glimpse of Eeyore.

He eventually made it back to our table for us to get a picture.

The characters were coming by so fast that we were afraid to go and get any food. In close succession we were visited by the following:

Captain Hook

Minnie Mouse (it’s the Minnie and Friends breakfast)

There was a small break at this point so I went and got a plate of food.

To give you context of just how many characters were coming around, this was what I saw after getting my food.

Soon more made their way to us


Max (Goofy’s son)

Winnie the Pooh





I have never seen so many characters in one place. If you only do one character meal, this should be it. We did see the Fairy Godmother wandering and wanted her picture. By this point, we were both full. So, we just sat at the table and waited until we got our chance.

I tried talking to her about seeing her in a month when she starts the Princess race in FL. She must have forgotten about that.

I will say almost all the characters really tried to interact and not just pose for pictures. It was a really enjoyable experience.

Once we saw the Fairy Godmother, we took our leave. After stopping at the bathroom, I went to get a Space Mountain Fast Pass since we weren’t too far away. The Fast Pass was already for 5 PM. With Fast Pass in hand, we made our way to Fantasyland. We were hoping it wouldn’t be too crowded. The first thing we saw when entering Fantasyland was this band.

They were enjoyable to watch. We decided to ride Snow White first. I made a video but it’s really too dark to see much. Then we went to Pinocchio’s Daring Journey.

You can see a little more in the video I made for this one, but it’s still mostly black. So, I’m not going to post it.

Then we went on the ride that used to be in Magic Kingdom and was replaced by Winnie the Pooh there… Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. You can see a little more in this video.

I waited too long to write this, so I’m forgetting the exact order that we did everything. I think we next waited in line for Peter Pan’s Flight. It was a longer line, but it kept moving.

I didn’t even attempt to video this one. We did get to watch the band again while waiting in line. Once we got off, we knew we had to wander over to Café Orleans. We had tried to get in for dinner the night before, but they were completely booked. So, I got on the app on my phone and grabbed us an early dinner/late lunch reservation for today. On the way, we were going to visit the princesses, but the line was an hour long and we didn’t have that much time before our reservation. So, we stopped at the PhotoPass photographer and got some good castle picture instead.

Just outside the princess area, we caught Aladdin and Jasmine greeting people.

Then we made our way to Café Orleans. We sat and people watched until it was check in time. Debbie caught up with things back home. When I checked in, I was told they would text my cell phone when our table was ready. I went back over to Debbie to wait a little longer. Soon, we got our text message. We were seated inside and handed our menus.

I already knew what we were going to get.

I knew the portions were large, so we split Pommes Frites

and a Monte Cristo sandwich.

The Pommes Frites came out first even though we told them to wait. It’s a good thing they didn’t because we did have to wait a while for our sandwich. This sandwich is well worth the wait. Even splitting it, we were both full and did not finish the Pommes Frites.

Even so, we couldn’t pass up the Mickey Beniets for dessert. This is the only place they come with 2 dipping sauces, raspberry and a vanilla crème.

At this point, we had a break. I was stuffed and wanted a rest. My Fast Pass was still well over an hour away. So, we headed across the park to Tomorrowland to ride the Monorail.

I love reading plaques about history.

We had to wait through a couple other full ones (from the line in front of us) before our monorail finally arrived.

We just had a short walk through the security area to our Tower.

The is the sign by the Adventure Tower elevator.

Once back in the room, I laid down with my feet up. I also called home. The call took longer than I anticipated. My FastPass time was already upon us, but I really didn’t want to leave yet. So, I opted to rest longer and forgo the FastPass.

We decided just to go straight to DCA for the evening. Our first stop was the one ride I hadn’t been on yet, Luigi Rollickin’ Roadsters. Remember, they were closed due to the rain our first night.

We had a little bit of a wait, but the immersion in the area is incredible.

First you wait inside, and then the last half of the line is outside.

Unfortunately, we had 2 different families around us that just really didn’t care about their kids. They were climbing on everything and running around the line. All this while mom and dad were totally engrossed in something on their phones. To me, it’s kind of sad. Anyway, we finally made it up to the front. I made a video of the song before ours to show the car patterns since they are hard to see while riding.

Then I also got a video of us riding. We kept sliding into each other in the turns.

Afterwards, we headed back over to Paradise Pier. I wanted to take Debbie on the Fun Wheel. I told her I would only do the stationary cars to which she replied that would be her only choice, too. I did the swinging cars on the last trip and once was enough for me.

On the way over, I got a nice panorama shot of the area lit up.

We had a little wait for the stationary cars, but we made the most of it. We chatted with several people around us. Eventually, it was our turn.

Here’s a few random pictures of our journey on the wheel.

After riding the wheel, we decided to head over to the Hollywood area again. Here we saw Captain America

and Spider-Man greeting people.

We continued by them and rode the Monsters, Inc. ride.

I got a video on this one as well.

After that, I was pooped. We made our way back to the room so I could prepare for the half. Once in the room, I laid out all my clothes and made sure I had everything I needed out in the bathroom area. I double checked my alarm on my watch and then went to sleep.

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