Princess 2017 – Thursday

As usual for Princess weekend, I work Thursday morning and leave work at lunch to head to the airport. I parked in my normal Park ‘n Go lot. I tried hooking my tiara on my backpack. I realized once I was on the shuttle that I dropped it. Luckily, we hadn’t moved yet. I quickly retrieved it. This happened again when I got off the shuttle. After grabbing it off the ground a second time, I just carried it in my hand. Then I headed to the check in counter. I was checking a bag so I didn’t bother to check in early this time. I did tag my bag with the Magical Express tag so I wouldn’t have to get it in Orlando. That might have been a mistake. Once I checked in and left my bag, I proceeded to the TSA pre-check line. I’m so used to having it now that it’s hard to go through a normal line. I realized once I got through security that I was starving. So, I grabbed some Burger King and enjoyed my meal in one of the rocking chairs in the main area.

Once I was done with my meal, I visited the ATM. Then I proceeded to my gate. I decided to make one final bathroom stop before boarding. While waiting for my plane, I watched the entire USC (Southern Cal for my SC friends) baseball team deplane. It turns out they were playing Wake Forest that weekend. I loved how the whole team was dressed the same down to their shoes, including the coaches.

After they had a chance to clean the plane, it was boarding time. What a nightmare! People, if they have not called your group to board, stay away from the boarding area! The agent had to force a few people to move back to the chairs so others could get through and board the plane. Those same people were still standing there when I boarded with the first non-priority group. Maybe it’s just because I’m so used to flying, but how can you think you will be on first if you don’t even have priority on your ticket? I got on the plane, pulled a few things out of my backpack, and put it above my seat. I can’t tell you how many people I watched stash their bags in the front of the plane and then walk all the way to the back. That is terrible! There is almost always room in the back for bags. It’s not fair to the people further up if you use their space and they have to wait until they can get all the way back to your seat before they can get off. Even though all that was happening, we still managed to be fully loaded and ready to push back slightly early. However, the plane had experienced a generator issue on the previous leg and the maintenance crew had to finish up all the paperwork before we could leave. We finally pushed back, only to park on the tarmac. Luckily, the captain came on and told us they needed to do tests for about 10 minutes before we could leave. I’d rather be safe, but I also like to know what’s going on. I find people are generally more patient when they know things. We finally left a little late. I don’t know if we flew faster or what, but I was in the last row served.

They handed me my drink right as the captain came on to say we had begun our descent. I had plenty of time to finish my drink before the last round of garbage pick up. As we came in for a landing, we hit a little hard, but didn’t bounce. I put on my tiara once we were on the ground.

While we were waiting to deplane, I spotted a row of tiara-clad princesses a few rows behind me. We waved to each other. After waiting for what seemed like a long time, I was finally able to exit. The bathroom at the end of my terminal already had a line. So, I hopped on the train to the main terminal and used the bathroom there. I found it kind of ironic that this airport security person was clearly leaning against the door that had a sign that said not to lean on it. In fact, the announcements even said not to lean.

I changed into a SparkleSkirt. I had a mini-freak out when I had trouble finding my magic band. I stopped by the baggage claim area and completely went though my backpack. I eventually found it and decided to head on to the Magical Express. Once I got scanned in, I walked all the way through the line and right onto a bus.

We ended up waiting another 15 minutes for others before we finally left.

It took us about 30 minutes to get to Walt Disney World.

Since I was staying at Port Orleans Riverside this time, I was the last stop. We first stopped at Old Key West. Then we went to Saratoga Springs. Port Orleans French Quarter came next. Finally, it was our stop. Jamie had texted me our room number earlier, so I went straight to the room. The easiest way was to walk to the right before entering the lobby and cross this bridge.

We were in Oak Manor.

This was the courtyard area of our building.

This was the view from the front of our building to the main lobby area.

We were in a Royal Room for this stay. Since I’d never been in one before, I took lots of pictures. The one thing I did miss in this room is a ceiling fan.

There is a switch that causes the headboard to light up like fireworks are exploding. As far as I could tell, there was no sound with it.

We did have a corner room on the ground floor.

About 30 minutes after I arrived, my parents arrived with my sister, Kassady. They also brought some things for the meetup the next day. My mom always puts together the name buttons for me. This year she also made some crocheted roses for the group’s Perfect Slippers. That’s what we were calling ourselves at the time. That is those people who had completed every Glass Slipper Challenge since the inaugural. This was year number 4. They normally don’t recognize something like that until year 5. When my parents came, I was still waiting on my bag. The paperwork says up to 3 hours. So, I didn’t think much of it since I’d only been there an hour at this point. My parents left to go visit a relative and Kassady stayed with us. I woke Jamie up (she’d been napping) so we could go get some dinner in the food court. For the first time, we weren’t on a dining plan. I ended up getting the Baton Rouge Burger and fries. This burger had a fried green tomato, bacon, and pimento cheese. It was awesome! We got a table by the windows and enjoyed our meal. When we got back to our room, my bag was still not there yet. I hung out for another 30 minutes and then decided to head to the front to see what was going on. By this time, it had been 3 1/2 hours. When I got to the bell desk, the man was new. He looked up my bag and said it was there. Another lady joined him and looked at the screen. She told me it was on the way to the room and bags may take 3-4 hours. I’d be okay with this if the documentation didn’t say up to 3 hours. By the time I got back to the room, my bag had arrived. At this point, my parents arrived. So, I walked with Kassady to the front to meet them.

We arranged with Kassady to meet her at the room Friday night. She would be crashing with us since she was running the 10k. After I said goodbye, I went back to the room and Jamie and I put the names on the buttons. We also packaged up all the presents. We did comment that this was the earliest we finished up on a Thursday night. I glanced up to see it was already 11 pm and crawled into bed.

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I am a mother of 2 that started running in 2012. I also enjoy baking and some crafts.
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