Princess 2017 – 10k

Our alarms went off at 2:45 am. We wanted to make sure we were on the first bus that left at 3:30. We all got ready in short order. I took a pre-race picture before we left the room so the lighting was good.

We got everything together and headed up to the lobby to catch the bus. There was one waiting so we hopped on. I sat with Kassady and we got a selfie.

The bus ride was uneventful. Soon we were getting off and making our way to the staging area. Some of the volunteers were having a really good time.

None of us had bags, so we went through the no bags security line. It was quite popular for the 10k.

You can tell how early we were by this picture.

There were very few people in the dance area in front of the DJ. There were lots of people already in line for the princesses on hand, though.

We had to get a selfie with all of us in the dance area.

The Princesses did swap out. Here are the second shift.

This couple was amazing. They were so happy and out there swing dancing (or shagging I have a hard time telling them apart) to several songs.

Soon the announcers (including Rudy) took to the DJ stage.

I found it funny that I was dressed similar to Carrisa. Once they started, we made our way towards the corrals. Jamie and I were in the same corral. Kassady was one behind us. We made plans for her to find us in the first character line. This was our view of the start line from our corral.

Soon, the National Anthem was sung. Luckily, it was loud enough that everyone quieted down for it. The first corral started shortly after. They did a waved start within the corrals. They had fireworks for the front of each corral. Eventually, we were escorted to the start line. Carissa had already left for the finish. We did get Rudy to do his memorable start.

Since I was in the front of the corral, we got fireworks.

They had some stands for spectators just after the start line.

Moana was on the overpass this year.

This picture is extremely blurry, but they did have volunteers warning about the speed bumps at the parking entrance.

We got to Mile 1 just before the big U-turn and the first character stop.

The first character was Elena of Avalor.

The official picture

Kassady did not get to us before we made it through the line. I texted her and told her to meet us at the second character stop. This one was the fairies.

The spacing worked perfectly since there were 3 of us.

Here’s the official picture.

Next came a water stop.

With the stop was a bank of port-o-potties.

We got to Mile 2.

Next came a very long line. It was for the Hag from Snow White so we decided to wait. They had to swap out but I will say the person playing the Hag was awesome… she jogged back to her break area. The problem was that the line was not being handled well. People were allowed to take 3 or 4 pictures each with different poses. We were talking with a really nice British girl who worked at EPCOT while in line. Her phone was dying and I did remember my charger. So, she charged her phone while we waited. Unfortunately, we saw the balloon ladies coming before we were close enough to the front. We made the decision to do a drive by picture for Kassady and keep moving. No sense waiting and being swept especially with the challenge at stake.

I felt terrible for not managing the race better for Kassady. I hated that we now had to worry about the balloon ladies for the rest of the race. We were on a good pace when we didn’t stop. The next thing we encountered was this large video screen.

There was a bank of port-o-potties right before the turn off we took.

They had the Parade Bus (Sweeper Bus) ready to block the road.

We were only a few minutes ahead. Mile 3 was on this turn off road.

Followed soon after by the 5k speed bump.

Then we turned right on Overpass Road.

We ran by the guard posts into the backstage area of EPCOT.

On the other side of the guard posts were stilt walkers. Kassady and I took a selfie with one.

We made a left turn at the back side of Test Tracks.

Then we turned right by the Entertainment building.

We ran through the corridor between Norway and China.

From this corridor, we emerged into World Showcase.

There was a water stop in China.

It was a nice view across the lagoon.

Because of our ill fated long wait, we were too close to the balloon ladies for any character stops. We got a selfie with Dopey in Germany.

Geppetto and Pinocchio were in Italy.

I didn’t see anything by the American Adventure this time. Mile 4 was in Japan.

They had oversized champagne bottles for pictures in France.

We also found Marie in France and both wanted pictures with her.

We ran around and through the International Gateway. The character at the entrance/exit to the boardwalk loop was open only for those already done with the loop this year. I am good with that. It discourages course jumping. We ran clockwise around the boardwalk area. I didn’t see any character by ESPN this year. I did get a picture of the Margarita stand.

There was a water stop in the area closest to the Swan and Dolphin resort.

I got a look back toward the Boardwalk area as the sun rose.

Mile 5 was by the Yacht Club.

We continued around by the Beach Club and over the bridge towards EPCOT. Princess Minnie was the character at the end of the loop. Her line was too long to stop.

We ran through a backstage area and came out beside the UK.

The official photographer got a picture of Kassady and me in this area.

In front of Canada, they had a large Canadian flag for pictures.

We turned left towards Spaceship Earth.

There was a DJ in front of the stage area.

I had to get my picture with the Figment topiary.

We ran towards the entrance and around this fountain.

Here are the runners behind us heading towards the fountain as we were heading back into the park.

We veered to the left before we got to Innoventions. Mile 6 was by the lockers in this area.

We turned left before we got to this backstage parking area.

At this point, we told Kassady to run ahead since we could tell she wanted to go faster. After a few more twists and turns, we could see the finish line.

The official photographers got a decent picture of Kassady’s finish, but not Jamie or me.

After crossing the finish line, we got our medals. There was a medical tent shortly after.

Kasssady had waited for us to finish. We proceeded through the runners area to grab water and powerade. Then we had our official finisher picture.

We proceeded through one of these tents and grabbed our snack box.

Then we made our way to the bus back to the resort. We didn’t want to hang around and get any more pictures.

We didn’t have to wait for a bus. I sat with Kassady and we took a medal selfie.

Overall, I still love this race. I don’t even look at my time for this one. I’m glad to have had the opportunity to share this one with both of my sisters now. I will be back next year.

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I am a mother of 2 that started running in 2012. I also enjoy baking and some crafts.
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