Star Wars Dark Side 2017 – Saturday

After the 10k, we headed back to our room at Port Orleans French Quarter. We showered and changed. Then we decided to head over to Disney Springs for a little bit. The boat is a nice, relaxing mode of transport and one of the unique things at the Port Orleans resorts. We made our way to the boat dock.

The boat was already being loaded when we got there. The captain let us join the passengers.

The ride to Disney Springs is very laid back. Soon we spotted the Boathouse.

I think this was my first time seeing Paddlefish without any construction.

As we were getting off the boat, we spotted some of the local wildlife.

We walked away from the boat and entered Disney Springs.

Kassady wanted to stop at one of the newest stores, The Dress Shop.

They have a lot of great stuff for Disney Bounding and Dapper Days.

We then wandered through the Disney shops which are full of Star Wars

… and Guardians of the Galaxy.

I finally went in to Amorette’s.

Everything looked amazing!

I loved being able to watch them making things.

I did not get anything even though I was tempted. Next I saw the Poutine shop. I got a picture of the menu since it wasn’t open yet.

Kassady wanted to stop in Uniqlo.

It does have some Disney themed things for a good price. It also has non-Disney items.

By this time, Kassady and I were both really hungry. We decided to visit Earl of Sandwich and use a Quick Service credit.

Kassady and I both opted for desserts instead of sides.

I ordered the Chicken, Bacon, Avacado wrap.

It was very good but I ended up not being able to eat all of it. The Chocolate Brownie Crème sandwich was pretty good as well.

I had to get a picture of my shirt for Shelly who made it.

Part of the reason we came to Disney Springs was to go to the Origins Event. I had been invited to attend as part of the Influenster program. I had received samples of some of their new products to try ahead of time. The products I did try I loved. Here are a few pictures of the event and the things going on.

Since Kassady had been a trooper waiting for me to attend the event, we went back to Starbucks and got the limited time drink to try.

It was okay, but not something I’d get again. Once we had our drink, we made our way to the buses. We decided to take the Contemporary bus and walk over to Magic Kingdom. We had to wait quite a while for the bus. However, it was the closest we could get to the Magic Kingdom. Once there, we found the walkway.

We encountered our first new security point on this walk. I will admit it was nice to have so few people going through the security. This was a look back after we had been screened.

The other security point was moved to right after the boat and bus exits. It made the lines to get in to the park much nicer. The railroad was running as we entered into the park.

Since the lines were so long, we decided to ride the Carousel of Progress.

We also had Fast Passes for Space Mountain

… and the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. We ended up in the very last seats in the Mine Train.

We also stopped to get our castle medal pictures.

They thought Kassady was my daughter and not my sister. So, they wanted this shot which turned out pretty good.

These two were my favorites.

We caught a band coming down the parade route when we were trying to cut over to Frontierland.

Another band was coming behind them so we cut through Adventureland.

Eventually we made it to Thunder Mountain. Luckily, we had FastPasses so we got to skip this long line.

Since we knew there would be no PhotoPass pictures from this one, we got a selfie on the ride before it started.

In case you were wondering, here was the stand by wait when we exited.

We had some time (and snack credits) so we made our way to Aloha Isle and got Dole Whips.

I prefer the regular soft serve to the float with pineapple juice. We then took our treats into the Tiki Room to enjoy.

I love having that option and I’ve never found a wait for the Tiki Room. Then it was time for our early dinner reservation at Skipper Canteen. I was excited since I hadn’t tried this place yet.

We waited inside in a nice little alcove area. I didn’t get a picture of it, though. Before long, we were being led to our table.

We were seated in one of the side rooms. I think it was the SEA room. The table setting was in a unique position.

We were handed a menu.

This was the view from our table.

They brought bread with honey to the table.

I got the Tastes Like Chicken

Kassady got the Noddle Bowl.

We were both happy with our choice. When we were done with our meal, they brought the dessert menu.

I got the Kungaloosh

Kassady got the Quick Sand

I love the nod to the old Adventurer’s Club from Pleasure Island. Our server did a great job with the corny jokes.

As we were leaving, I made a point to see the bookcase and the trigger to opening the secret door to our room.

At this point, we were ready to head back. However, when we got to the hub, the Move It, Shake It dance party was in progress.

So we stopped to enjoy that.

We grabbed a quick medal selfie beside the castle.

Then decided to head out.

I did get a nearly empty picture of the ground in front of the entrance on the way out.

We caught the bus back to French Quarter. Then I set out all my stuff for the half in the morning. My intent was not to wake Kassady when getting ready. I also made sure my bib was already fastened. Once that was complete, I got in bed and tried to sleep.



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