Reindeer Romp 5k 2017

I signed up for this one last minute. To be honest, being the week after my full marathon, I probably would have skipped this. My daughter had been talking for months about running the kids race again, though. I didn’t feel right bringing her for the free kids race without running the 5k myself. Carl and Eric were both registered. I knew Eric’s daughter normally ran the kids race, too. A few days before the race, my husband decided not to go fishing so he could come with and watch the kids. I’m glad he did. Carl graciously picked up my bib the Friday before since I forgot. Once we got to the parking lot, I met up with him to get it. Then I proceeded to the table to get my hoodie. That is one of the best things about this race. Instead of a t-shirt, you get a nice, thick hoodie. This year it was green. I went back to the car with the hoodie and to let my family know Carl was there with his youngest son. His older son who is friends with my son decided to stay at home. We all went back over to the gathering area. Soon after, Eric and his family arrived. My kids began playing with Carl’s son. I had my husband get a before picture with my kids.

Then Carl, Eric, and I headed for the staging area. They did some warm ups and announcements. Then they sang the National anthem.

The start was once again out on the street. We stayed towards the back. I planned to walk the entire race since my toe was still sore from the marathon. I believe I still had it wrapped in a bandaid to keep it on at this point. So, we hung out towards the back.

We kind of missed the official start from back there. We did notice people starting to move, though. The race starts to the left on the road ahead. It winds through neighborhoods. First we turned right onto Chenoworth.

Then it was a right onto Rhodes.

I think we turned left onto Sulkirk and I almost missed taking a picture of the sign.

Next was a right onto Long Meadow.

Here’s where we found the Mile 1 marker.

We did encounter a few people out spectating. That is a big change from last year where it was so cold that my iPhone died mid-race.

We turned right on Stokes.

In this area was the water stop.

The next turn was onto this road.

We turned left onto Sulkirk again.

Then right on Severn.

I had to stop briefly to get a good picture of the Mile 2 marker.

At this point I was still feeling good. So I jogged to catch up to the guys. That proved why I was walking the whole thing. I don’t think I could have jogged anymore unless I absolutely had to.

We turned left onto Tyndale.

Then left onto the next street that had a dip.

We turned right on Brookfield.

Then we turned right for the last road part of the course onto Sharon. If you’re not local, Sharon is a pretty main road. Luckily it isn’t heavily traveled this early on the weekend.

We turned right into the parking lot of the Harris YMCA. We continued to this area. Yes, those are people that have already finished and are leaving.

There were lot of people lined up and cheering at the finish. I found out after the fact that the reason was the kids race had already started and some even finished with us.

I got a bottle of water and the medal meant to hang on the Christmas tree. Then I took my post-race selfie.

My kids finished their race shortly after this picture. They were almost right behind one another. They both had a great time and will likely want to do this again next year. They did give the kids the extra medals from last year. So, their medals said 2016 instead of 2017 on them. I know it’s because there were still people out on the 5k course and they didn’t want to run out of medals. My kids didn’t care as long as they got a medal.

Overall, this is a very well run race. The hoodies make it worth running without anything else. On top of that, they always have s’mores and coffee/cocoa in the gathering area. They also have bananas and a few other normal race things. The course is pretty flat and easily walk-able. Assuming the weather cooperates, this is a great first timer course. My sons says he wants to do the 5k with me next year.


About kristincooke

I am a mother of 2 that started running in 2012. I also enjoy baking and some crafts.
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  1. Naomi says:

    Looks like fun.

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