Electric Run – Charlotte 2014

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I was excited about this night run. I had stocked up on some light up things from the dollar section. I had returned back from a business trip late the night before. That afternoon, we took the kids to see the Fresh Beat Band. It was really hot and humid. I’m sure I was already dehydrated from that. We returned home after eating an early dinner and I got ready. I ended up leaving my house shortly after 6:30 PM. I had no issues getting to the Speedway and parking. It was a $10 parking fee but that was disclosed in emails ahead of time. I arrived about 7:15 PM. My husband had graciously picked up my bib the day before. So, I already had that on. I donned all my glow things and put on the bracelet they gave us and made my way to the start area. I knew there would be a DJ. I really didn’t know where to go, so I just followed everyone else. When I hadn’t gone too far, a golf cart with one empty seat approached and asked if I wanted a ride. I wasn’t about to turn him down. I hoped on the back and rode as he drove the rest of the way around the track and then through the tunnel to the infield area.

I walked passed the pick up and ticket booths. There were bathrooms to the side that I decided to use.

There were several tent areas set up for different products and organizations.

RockStar had a large truck there and they were handing out energy drinks. I opted not to take one before the race since I’m not used to them. They also had an area doing face painting to benefit a charity.

The DJ was already playing music. I took a spot near the corral entrance and people watched. There were some great outfits and lots of bright colors.

I saw several families and 2 lit up strollers. After about an hour, they announced that the VIP groups and Fitbit users could enter the starting area. There were not that many of these. About 5 minutes later, they let the rest of us join. There were people at the corral entrance checking for bibs. I was all the way up at the first set of blow up columns.

At this point, the DJ/announcer had moved onto a tall scaffolding at the start. They did several interactive things trying to keep people excited while waiting for the start. Soon, we were counting down.

Even though they were supposed to do a staggered start, they never blocked off any groups. Once the countdown was over, we all started moving forward.

We took a right turn and ran all the way to the track.

We proceeded around the track for over half a lap and out the tunnel on the other side. This part was all well lit and not what I was expecting for this run. Once we exited the tunnel, we turned right.

We came to the lit up arches that formed a long tunnel. This section was an out and back. Many people had passed me on the track since I had forgotten my watch and was just running by feel. The only water stop was at the turn around for the tunnel. I saw many people coming towards the water stop as I was running away.

After we ran passed the tunnel entrance, we came to an area with blow ups that made me think of Candy land.

This area played candy-themed music.

This section was also mostly uphill and winding to the concourse area. I did walk quite a bit of it. The heat and humidity were getting to me and I didn’t bring my own water. Once we reached the concourse, we got to the umbrellas.

If I remember correctly, It’s Raining Men was playing at that point.

This whole thing is an out and back all the way to the tunnel entrance we first came out. I saw many people on the other side making their way back.

The second part of the concourse had under the sea themed blow ups and songs. This seemed like a long section to me. Finally, we reached the loop that was the turn around. I was happy to make my way back knowing there would be a long downhill. There were more people behind me than in front of me. I remember having to watch me footing in the under the sea area as some of the ground was uneven and had potholes.

When I reached the umbrellas again, the song was Purple Rain. Then came the long downhill I was looking forward to. I passed quite a few people as I let my legs go.

Once I reached the candy area, it flattened out and I took walk breaks again.

Soon, I rounded the corner and went through the tunnel.

I knew we were close to the finish. However, that uphill in to the track was a little too steep for me to run.

I could see the finish area. When I thought I could make it the rest of the way, I started running.

I ran through the finish and almost immediately stopped my app. My finish time was 42:45. I’ll take that for not having my watch and it being so hot & humid. They had lots of cup of water at the finish. I drank 2 and then walked to the DJ area. The RockStar people were at the end handing out drinks so I took one.

The DJ was playing great dance music and some people were partying. As I made my way towards the exit, I heard him say Last call for anyone to start the race. Apparently, they were getting ready to shut down the start area. I can’t imagine anyone not having started the race 42 minutes later, but anything is possible. I was by myself and really tired at this point. So, I made my way back to my car. I knew it would be a hike, so I started my app in walk mode to see how far. When I got to my car, it showed .6 miles. I wasn’t the first to leave, but I’m sure I was in the front of the group. I drank part of the energy drink to keep me awake on the drive home. As soon as I got in the car in the quiet and dark, it hit me.

Overall, this is a fun run and I think I would have enjoyed it more if I had friends with me. I probably

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